Nurses enjoy one of the most lucrative careers in the US however, location plays a very important role in determining what salaries different kinds of nurses make. In this page, we will discuss How much a particular type of nurse (Registered, Practitioner) can make in Virginia? Per hour salary to top job placement centers in Virginia.

As per stats showed in 2016, on average $60,380 to $64,000 a Registered nurse can make sin west Virginia (BLS).  On Average Nurse Practitioner $82,000 in top hospitals, although these stats are below regarding other states like Florida, California, Texas, and Indiana. Those nurses working in metropolitan and industrially established locations make higher salaries as compared to those that work in non-metropolitan areas.

  1. State Has 95,658 Registered Nurses and 28,653 LPN
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  3. On Average Nurse Can Make Around $75,000 annually
  4. Charlottesville and West Virginia is the highest paying areas
  5. Job Demand for Family Nurse practitioner, pediatric, and Neonatal Nurse
  6. Job Growth expected to increase 7% in 2024

Another factor that ranks locations is whether there is sufficient retired population in a place.

A place where there is a profusion of retired population has a higher demand for medical professionals and therefore nurses can make relatively more lucrative careers for themselves in these places.

A break down for different kinds of nurses within Virginia is given below.


Registered Nurse Salary in Virginia

A registered nurse has an associate or bachelor’s degree in most cases and these professionals have a national RN certification exam that legally allows them to work as registered nurses or continue private practice.

However, registered nurses can make different salaries depending on their education because some registered nurses who have an associate degree make less compared to those with a bachelor’s degree.

Some registered nurses also have a graduate education, which allows them to make even more than those with a BSN.


The average salary of a registered nurse in the state of Virginia is slightly less than the national average, being $68,000. The national average is $70,000 annually.

  1. This average salary of $68,000 is accumulated through an hourly wage of $39.65.

The top 10% of the nurses which include the most experienced professionals can make up to $94,000 per year whereas the entry-level salaries of registered nurses which make up the lowest 10% make up to $45,000 per year.

BSN Salary in Virginia

Some non-nursing field student can apply for accelerated BSN and become RN. In Virginia, RN is a very good occupation, although RN in good number than the practitioner, still in high demand.

Top NON & Metropolitan Areas in Virginia with Highest Salary to Registered Nurse

Those registered nurses working in the metropolitan belts of Reston, Alexandria, and Annandale make a lucrative high wage of $76,000 annually.

However, those RNs working in the non-metropolitan areas of Roanoke, Portsmouth, and Hampton make an average salary of $63,000.  Charlottesville and Roanoke is the highest paying area for a registered nurse, which is above $77,000 on average.

Top Metro and Nonmetropolitan


Average Salary Range Per Hour Salary Range
Virginia Beach


$56,000 $28


$76,000 $36


$73,000 $34


$62,650 $31


$65,558 $29


$59,770 $29
South Boston


$57,335 $27


$77,000 $35


$75,000 $37


$66,880 $28

Nurse Practitioner Salary in Virginia

Nurse practitioners are medical professionals who have a graduate degree and they have passed the exam for NP certification.

After the certification, these nurses take up executive-level work in the health care department. These nurses are highly paid are also among some of the highest paid professionals in the US.


  1. They enjoy lucrative salaries but along with that comes great responsibility and difficult work of caring for patients.
  2. The average salary of nurse practitioners in Virginia is $98,000 annually whereas the national average of nurse practitioners in the US is $100,000.

Some nurse practitioners may also work as family nurses and they can make an hourly wage of about $51.5.

MSN Salary in Virginia

After completion education from BSN to MSN, and pass the national exam you become a nurse practitioner, and in Virginia, your salary will dramatically improve. Below I explain some practitioner type regarding salary.

Highest Paying Metropolitan Areas (Virginia) for Nurse Practitioner

The metropolitan areas of Charlottesville, Lynchburg, and Washington pay the highest salaries to NPs going up to $101,000.

On the other hand, the non-metropolitan areas of Virginia Beach and Southwestern Virginia pay an average wage of about $80,000 annually.

Top Metro and Nonmetropolitan


Average Salary Range Per Hour Salary Range
Virginia Beach


$82,000 $42


$88,000 $36


$87,000 $36


$92,650 $39


$93,558 $37


$101,770 $48
South Boston


$85,335 $38


$102,667 $47


$97,000 $45


$81,880 $39

Some nurse practitioners who work as neonatal nurses can make a much higher wage as compared to some other nurses.

Therefore, it is not only the location but also the field that affects salary.

LPN Salary in Virginia

LPNs are nursing professionals who have an associate degree and they also have to take an exam through the government which certifies them for work.

  1. Normally, an LPN makes an average salary of $47,000. This figure is, in fact, more than the national average of $46,000 for LPNs in the US.
  2. Just like other kinds of nurses, the salary of LPNs is also subject to the deviation on the basis of a number of factors.
  3. The average starting salary of LPNs is about $23,000 per year, this number grows as work experience is gained.

One way that LPNs earn a higher wage is by working night shifts. Most health care facilities pay a higher than usual wage i.e., an added $4 to $8 to LPNs who work in the night shift.

The reason for this is to give an incentive for working through these odd hours.

Highest Paying Metropolitan Areas (Virginia) for LPN/LVN

Those LPNs who work in metropolitan areas and have significant work experience can earn up to $79,000 annually as well.

However, most nurses earn between $23,000 and $79,000, with the lower wage category covered by recent intakes and those working in urban areas.

Top Metro and Nonmetropolitan


Average Salary Range Per Hour Salary Range
Virginia Beach


$34,000 $23


$44,000 $24


$32,000 $28


$29,650 $26


$38,558 $29


$44,770 $31
South Boston


$42,335 $33


$47,000 $33


$45,000 $32


$38,880 $28

Nursing Career Outlook in Virginia

Virginia isn’t a starting spot for healthcare job if you expecting a very good salary. Still as a nurse practitioner & registered you can earn a good salary. For example, Nurse Anesthetic can have made up to $201,000 in California, but here they can only make around $135,000.

In addition, Job scope in quite well in different non-metropolitan areas. Job Growth is about 5% and expected to increase to 8% in 2024.

Top Job Placement Center

Here I mentioned some top paying health care center in Virginia if you locate the nearby area, they must apply here for the different job.

  1. Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association (Address: 4200 Innslake Dr # 203, Glen Allen, VA 23060, USA)
  2. Inova Children’s Hospital (Address: 3300 Gallows Rd, Falls Church, VA 22042, USA)
  3. University of Virginia Health System University Hospital (Address: 1215 Lee St, Charlottesville, VA 22908, USA)
  4. The Rehabilitation Hospital of Southwest Virginia (Address: 103 North St, Bristol, VA 24201, USA)

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Salary in Virginia

Acute Care nurse makes on average $102,000 to $107,000 Annually. One of the tops demanded nurse in Virginia. Some private hospitals give a salary of around $120,000 annually.

Locum Tenens Nurse Salary Virginia

Another special nurse is high in demand here, make annually around $101,000. Locum Tenens nurse is a very high demand in some metropolitan areas like South Boston, Chesapeake.

Dermatology Nurse Salary Virginia

Dermatology nurse can easily make around $98,000 annually in Virginia. Virginia Beach, Norfolk, South Boston is the top job placement areas.