Nurse practitioners are highly educated and experienced nursing professionals who have shown high degrees of job satisfaction in recent years. In this article, we discussing briefly NP salary in Texas, average salary ($107,526), the highest paying city in Texas, Top-ranked hospitals, some information about job outlook. Compared to California and Florida, the salary figure is low but the job opportunity is almost parallel.

$107,526 to $150,778 every nurse practitioner can make. it means almost $32 to $42 per hours’ rate in Texas. Texas becoming the 2nd hub in the US regarding Nursing field after California.  Job opportunity is increasing day by day.

Cities like Austin, Dallas is the top metropolitan areas, where nurse like neonatal, surgical, midwife getting high pay. Nurse practitioners make salaries largely varying depending on their education and the number of years in the industry that they have spent.

Compare to another state like Florida, New York, Indiana

Another defining factor of their salaries is the place where they work, in the industrially rich state of Texas, most nurse practitioners make a decent wage higher than that in most other states of the US.

How Much Does a Nurse Practitioner Make in Texas?

Some of the particulars of nurse practitioner are given below. Although nurse practitioner per hour salary range $46.00 to $52.00 for neonatal, surgical.

Others practitioners earn between $32 to $42. Below we discussing some main type of practitioner average to starting salary.

Nurse Salary by Type in Texas

Different types of the nurse working in different cities in Texas. Check some most common to highly paying nurse type by profession. Average to regular salary by type display below.

Pediatric Salary Texas

An average salary of Pediatric Nurse between $92,776 per year. In Texas this figure decrease to $78,666 to $82,667. But in Houston this figure up to $90,000 in the recent year 2017.

Starting salary $76,000, but it depends on the particular Texas healthcare center or other health centers.

Psychiatric Salary Texas

Most demanding occupation by all means, regarding average salary, the psychiatric nurse can make $183,000 annually. In Texas, you can earn between $154,000 to $162,000. Austin and Dallas TX is the highest paying metropolitan area.

Neonatal Salary Texas

Demand in almost every city in Texas-San Antonio, Fort Worth, Lubbock, Dallas, and Austin. An average range of salary $89,960, in Texas you can earn as a neonatal practitioner between $72,998 to $76,884.

Nurse Anesthetist Salary Texas

NA is one of the top fields in nursing getting the highest salary, in some state like California this figure up to $250,000 annually. In Texas Average or entry level $141, 942.

Check more practitioner type status, like Dermatology, Locum Tenens, and surgical nurse.

Salary of Nurse Practitioners in Texas

A practitioner makes salary depending largely on the place where they work. As a general notion, a nurse practitioner makes a higher salary working in a metropolitan area whereas that working in an urban or suburban area will generally make lesser.

The average salary of a nurse practitioner in the state of Texas that is a mean of all the salaries is around $107,500 annually.

Starting Salary

According to (Payscale) or BLS starting salary range of NP is 72K to 110K, only 10% of NP can make 72$ in starting off their career.

Average Nurse Salary in Texas

$89,717 is the average figure, you can make in Texas in starting off their career. Still, there is some confusion regarding by type and metropolitan area of Texas.

Hourly Salary

$36.11 – $60.98 but in some Texas hospitals this figure up to $90 per hour. However, the salary of nurse practitioners in the city of Houston is roughly $88,400 annually.

The difference is more apparent in places that house retired population and senior citizens. Although Houston is a highly developed and industrially rich city, it may pay less to health care professionals.

Other places which house senior citizens in more profusion may pay higher wages to health care experts mainly because the profession has a higher demand in these places.

The highest paying salary of nurse practitioners in Texas has been recorded around $135,400 annually. Most of the higher paying locations in the state of Texas for health care experts are around Southwest Texas.

In the southwest, an average base salary of nurse practitioners is between $94,000 and $104,000 per year.

How to Become Nurse Practitioner in Texas?

If you are looking at your career in Texas as a nurse practitioner, make sure these points. The educational requirement for licensing issues. Scheduling of programs and best university or school in Texas.

  1. Almost 8 to 10 years required to become
  2. Get Rn before applying to NP

Education Requirements

Nurse practitioners as said above are highly qualified, they normally have a master’s or a doctoral degree.

The usual way to go about completing education for an APRN (Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner) is to first get a bachelor’s degree for registered nursing.

Then nurses are supposed to get themselves enrolled in a university or a college that offers graduate studies. At this step, it is important to make sure that the school that students get enrolled in to recognized and accredited by the government.

Student takes up an education for APRN from graduate school, this degree is equivalent to that of a master’s.

Degree Required

It may also be noted that those students who have taken a bachelor’s degree before 1996 may be exempt from taking a master’s degree if they have been in practice since then. After the completion of the program, students take a certification exam by the government.

Students planning to pursue the degree may note that the core requirements of the graduate studies include pathophysiology and advanced pharmacology.

Further assessment includes physical requirements to test whether students are capable of performing medical treatments on patients.

Certification Requirements

When students have completed their graduate studies, they are supposed to take a national exam for certifying their practice. Upon graduation from the program, the student may take either of the following exams,

  • Certified Nurse Anesthetist (CNA)
  • Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP)
  • Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM)
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)

All of these exams certify students for nursing practitioners.

Nurse practitioners may be specialized in further fields such as adult care, acute care, pharmacology, pediatrician, neonatal and women’s health etc.

Clinical nurse practitioners, on the other hand, may specialize in other fields such as mental health, psychology, critical care, and community health nursing.

Applying for the Certification in Texas

After students have taken the exam of their choice and passed it, they are eligible to apply for a certification that verifies their legal right to practicing as a nurse practitioner.

Applying for the certification requires students to send in their official transcripts of the graduate degree, a copy of their compact Registered nursing license and a check of $100. The $100 is a processing fee for licensure.

After applicants get their license, they can start practicing as a nurse practitioner and may be required to renew their license. The time period of this renewal depends on the state laws.

Highest Paying Hospitals in Texas for Nurse Practitioner

Highest salary by Texas metropolitan areas, no friendly and high paying hospital in Dallas, Austin, and another city in Texas. Although it’ totally depends on the particular type, there is an estimated figure of some popular one.


These hospitals can give you an awesome salary, the demand for the midwife, surgical and anesthetic nurse practitioner is very high.

  1. Seton Medical Center Austin
  2. David’s Medical Center
  3. Arise Austin Medical Center

Salary range up to $150,778 with $84 per hour salary.


Almost $123,752 per year hourly rate of $62 in Dallas healthcare center in top rank hospitals.

  1. Baylor University Medical Center
  2. Texas Health Presbyterian
  3. Parkland Memorial Hospital


3rd largest city in Texas regarding high paying salary to nurse practitioner. $120,778 annually salary relates to $37 to $48 per hour.

  1. Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center
  2. Houston Methodist Willow Brook Hospital
  3. Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital

San Antonio

The different practitioner can make on average $107,667 relates to hourly rate $34.

  1. Baptist Medical Center
  2. Methodist Hospital
  3. University Hospital
  4. Acuity Hospital of South Texas

Fort Worth

Expected salary in Fort Worth below Average salary ($107,526), usually NP gets $87,000 according to $32 to $36 rate per hour.

  1. Kindred Hospital Fort Worth
  2. LifeCare Hospitals of Fort Worth

El Paso

El Paso is another reputed city regarding top-ranked hospitals with high salary. From $87,000 to $93,000 a NP can get accordingly per hour rate of $35 to $37.

  1. Thomason General Hospital Heliport
  2. University Medical Center of El Paso

Corpus Christi

Although very low job opportunity there, still NP can get good salary $68,000 to $71,000 accordingly hourly rate of $32.

  1. Driscoll Children’s Hospital
  2. Corpus Christi Cancer Center

Another city in Texas like Lubbock, Arlington, Amarillo also has well-reputed hospitals and healthcare centers.

Still, explore more about nurse salary in Texas, if you want to another nurse like (Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse) salary, then request us. We will guide you particular best rank healthcare hospitals, where you can start your career.

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