Nurses around the world are being diversified and working in more and more unique fields. Ohio is a rising business hub which already has a number of registered nurses. In this article, we will discuss how you can make in OHIO? Either you are the practitioner or registered or having licensed practitioner certification, how much you can earn in OHIO?

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Some positions of nursing required a bachelor or MSN degree like RN to MSN for earning a high salary.

Nurses can choose from numerous fields in which they can specialize, and this is relevant to the fact that all fields are not the same.  Some fields pay more than others while some require less educational qualification. Therefore, education is a predominant factor while putting forth salaries and benefits.

Salary by Level

Here below, you can overview stats of nursing according to different occupations or job positions.

Salary by Job in OHIO Hourly Salary Average Annually Salary
Nurse Anesthetist $29 $54,000
Nurse Midwives $28 $48,000
Neonatal Nurse $23 $46,000
Pediatric Nurse $22 $44,000

Some registered nurses even hold an associate degree or a certificate. Registered nurses have to pass a test to certify for the platform.

However, if a registered nurse has a bachelor’s degree or a higher degree, they are appointed for more rewarding jobs.

Employers also have pre-requisite and requirements for applicants and a higher education means better chances of employment.

Career Prospects for Nurse in Ohio

Nurses are increasingly aware of the fact that a bachelor’s degree is their path to higher paychecks and more executive work platforms.

In Ohio, about 45% of the registered nurses already hold a bachelor’s degree or a higher (masters or doctoral). This figure is expected to increase; this is evident from the fact that 37% of the nurses that do not hold a bachelor’s degree plan to continue studying for a bachelor’s degree.

Although high tuition costs and time demanding education is a setback for most professionals who choose to pursue higher education, there are solutions for that.

Schools in OHIO

Most schools offer accelerated programs for nurses in which they can complete their education in 3 years instead of the regular 4 years bachelor’s degree time.

Another ease for these aspiring professionals is the numerous generous grants and scholarships available to students.

As long as the student is willing to study further, funding is not a major setback.


Nurse Practitioner Salary Ohio

Nurses can make a highly rewarding and lucrative career for themselves in terms of money considering the fact that health care is an ever-growing industry.

There are majorly 2 kinds of registered nurses who are categorized based on their educational qualifications. These are AND’s (who have completed an Associate Degree) and BSN’s (who have completed a bachelor’s degree).

These nurses are paid differently, however, their exact wage largely depends on their work experience and location (apart from education of course).

Per Hours Salary in OHIO

ADNs make an average of $45,000 a year at the rate of $22 per hour. Whereas BSNs make an average of $96,000 per year at the rate of $46 per hour.

Some of the highest paid nurses are located in health care facilities at the Cleveland and Cincinnati.

Given the major metropolitan areas that these places are, this falls in relevance to the fact that location largely defines salaries.

Average Salary Range of Practitioner in OHIO

These nurses make an average of $73,000 and $86,000 annually at the rate of almost $35 and $42 per hour.

Places like Lima and Mansfield are some that pay relativity to registered nurses. Nurses at these locations make an average of $67,000 and $74,000 annually.

Cities Wise Salaries Range

Top Cities in OHIO Hourly Salary Annually Salary
Cleveland $21.78 $47,456
Columbus $23.56 $54,443
Cincinnati $22.45 $49,000
Dayton $21.34 $45,560
Toledo $20.25 $42,432
Akron $22.67 $44,333
Dublin $23.78 $48,478

Registered Nurse Salary Ohio

After practitioner nursing, a registered nurse is also making a handsome salary. The little bit less than others, but still a bright career. Different occupations like (Nephrology, Cardiac, Clinic, Midwife, orthopedic) nurse received a handsome salary monthly.

Check some averages range in OHIO different cities.

usually in US registered Nurse can make per hour.

Top Cities in OHIO Hourly Salary Annually Salary
Cleveland $21.78 $47,456
Columbus $23.56 $54,443
Cincinnati $22.45 $49,000
Dayton $21.34 $45,560
Toledo $20.25 $42,432
Akron $22.67 $44,333
Dublin $23.78 $48,478

Career Guide of Nurse in OHIO

Career demand in Ohio regarding nursing is so high, I advise you to get at-least bachelor degree for the reputed entry-level job. Some advance practitioner certification in nursing is also offering Ohio different schools.

Some licensed practitioner nurse is also making an awesome salary figure n OHIO state of US.


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