Nurses are among the most important functional parts of health care and are among the most highly paid professions in the US. Nurses, however, are paid differently depending on their education, location, work experience and field of work. In this article, we are discussing Nurse career in Georgia, either you get Registered or practitioner license or LPN/LVN license, we guide throughout the state.

The ratio between high to Low salary in Georgia Cities is very usual. You can aspect Above $83,000 salary in Atlanta, on the other hand, some cities like Macon, Athens, Augusta, and Valdosta salary level below national level $65,000.

All these factors contribute independently to determine the salary of a nurse. Most nurses reach the zenith of their pay scales within 20 years of work experience.

Moreover, registered nurses make more than LPN’s given that they have a higher educational qualification whereas they make less than nurse practitioners given that nurse practitioners usually have a graduate degree and they enjoy higher wages.

Quick Facts Georgia Career of Nurse

Location is a huge factor that determines wages. Those nurses that work in metropolitan areas have relatively higher salaries than those that work in non-metropolitan divisions and urban areas.

  1. On Average Salary in Georgia is $85,000 to Nurse Practitioner
  2. The demand of Flight Nurse, FNP and Pediatric is very high
  3. Maiden Salary beside Atlanta is $57,000
  4. Around $32 to $37 per hour salary in Atlanta Georgia
  5. According to Glassdoor only 10% gets 88K annually salary
  6. Highest paid Nurse type is Dialysis RN, Pediatric, Anesthetic, RN Case Manager
  7. The job Growth rate is 3% and expected to increase till 2024
  8. Lowest salary than (NYC, Texas, Virginia, California)

In either case, nurses do enjoy lucrative salaries given that there is always a demand for nursing professionals and after health laws changed in 1999 that required higher nurses per patient, there has been a huge upthrust in nursing employment.


Registered Nurse Salary in Georgia

RNs have a BSN degree in most cases, however, some RNs also have an associate degree. This difference in educational qualification slightly sets these nurses apart by their salaries as well.

The state of Georgia falls under the non-metropolitan country-side division and as expected, it pays lesser than the national average to registered nurses.

  1. The average salary of an RN in the US is $73,000 annually whereas that of RN’s in Georgia is $66,000 per year.
  2. There are about 75,000 registered nurses currently underemployment in the US.


There is still a further division in the amount RNs make in Georgia. Those in more industrially flourishing areas make higher and those in places which accommodate retired population make even higher than those who work in places that are neither.

Salary in Metro and Nonmetropolitan Areas Related to Registered Nurse

List of few top cities in Georgia regarding Per hour and annual salary. This salary figure is regarding Registered nurse only. Comment us for getting information about any particular city of Georgia.

Top Cities Average Annually Salary Per Hour Salary




$65,000 $28 to $31


$57,000 $26 to $27


$55,000 $25 to $27


$58,000 $24 to $27


$52,000 $22 to $27

 The highest salaries for RNs in Georgia are paid in Atlanta, Athens, and Augusta. The average figure for these areas is $68,000.

Furthermore, those nurses that work in Rome, Savannah and Dalton make slightly less, i.e., an average of $60,000 annually.

Nurse Practitioner Salary in Georgia

Nurse practitioners normally have an MSN degree, this means that they have a graduate education and are therefore entitled to a higher salary as compared to RNs and LPNs who have a BSN or ADN degree.

NPs also work as executive level health care officers in medical facilities and hence make more lucrative wages, but their work is also tied up with higher responsibilities and more accountability.

  1. The national average salary of nurse practitioners in the US is $107,000 whereas that in the state of Georgia is $103,000.

Nurse practitioners have very rewarding careers given their high education and executive type of work. Those NP’s working in Middle-Georgia and Atlanta division of the metropolitan belt make higher wages, up to $109,000 annually.

However, those nurses working in East Georgia and Augusta make a relatively lower wage of approximately $90,000 annually.

Politian and Non-Metropolitan Areas Regarding Nurse Practitioner

In addition, nurse practitioner quite makes higher than a registered nurse, but very often type of NP-like Family Nurse, Nurse Anesthetic, Neonatal, Surgical makes higher than 88K.

Top Cities Average Annually Salary Per Hour Salary




$87,000 $34 to $36


$72,000 $28 to $31


$71,000 $26 to $32


$67,000 $28 to $32


$69,000 $26 to $32

Some NPs can also take up private practice and can work as family nurse practitioners which is although difficult and more uncertain to begin with but being successful down this path can allow these nurses to make a much higher wage for themselves.

LPN Salary in Georgia

An LPN is a medical professional with usually an associate degree. They make relatively less as compared to RNs and NPs.

The salary of LPNs in the state of Georgia rounded to $40,000. This is accumulated by an hourly wage of $19.54. This figure is higher than the national average salary of LPNs in the US.

LPNs who have less than 5 years of experience earn an entry-level salary of roughly $38,000 annually. As these nurses gather more experience, they can round up higher wages for themselves.

Those LPNs who have work experience of around 10 years can make up to $43,000 per year. Furthermore, nurses with approximately 20 years of experience in Georgia can earn around $46,000 per year.

Politiant and Non-Metropolitan Areas Regarding LPN

LPN or even LVN can make a good salary but not reaches above $46,000 annually. On the other hand, growth rate and job opportunities are high then other nurse professions.

Top Cities Average Annually Salary Per Hour Salary




$52,000 $21 to $25


$45,000 $21 to $22


$46,000 $22 to $23


$42,000 $23 to $25


$41,000 $19 to $22

Those LPN’s working in Athens and Atlanta make the highest wages of $42,000 per year. However, those LPNs working in the non-metropolitan divisions and urban areas make less than them.

Nurses working in Valdosta and Rome make an average of $37,000 per year.

Nurse Salary by Type in Georgia

Many types of nurse can make higher than national or average salary in Georgia. This depends on Private hospitals (Central State Hospital: Milledgeville, Southeast Georgia Health System – Camden Campus, Cook Medical Center) and another Cancer relates medical center. Where some type of nurse-like nurse Anesthetic can make above 88K annually.

Nurse Anesthetist

In Atlanta, this type of nurse can make around 88K to 90K annually. For more information about Nurse Anesthetic, you can click on the link. Competition is very high in Top medical center for this position.

Family Nurse Practitioner

On the other hand, FNP can make above national average salary $85 to $87. Job opportunity is higher than Nurse Anesthetic.

Nurse Manager

Nurse Manager, Nurse educator and similar kind of nurse also makes $85 on average. In some state, we heard some news regarding Nurse manager is making above 120K.

Pediatric Nurse

Another great nurse field, you can make in Georgia after taking the license of the nurse practitioner is around $82k. PN is very popular in Georgia, they play multiple roles.

Note: For more information around Georgia City, you can comment us or Email us. We will give you the essential details of a job opportunity by type of nurse in particular Area.