Who is the Surgical Nurse (SNP)?

Nurses are now working in numerous diverse fields and it is often hard for aspirants to choose the right field.  The nurse has a very important part to play in the healthcare field. The work of these nurses is of a life-saving nature.

Surgeries are an important business and surgical are a crucial part of the work.  Although surgery is an entirely different field of health care, the work of these nurses is of a highly generalized nature.

Some nurses who work in Minor operation theatres are Surgical Nurse, but those who work in cardiology centers are also surgical nurse practitioners. Some surgery required only practitioner certification nor registered like;

  1. Trauma surgery Nurse
  2. Cardiothoracic Surgery Nurse
  3. Cardiovascular Surgery Nurse
  4. Orthopedic Surgery Nurse
  5. Pediatric Surgery Nurse
  6. Plastic Surgery

These nurses can perform minor surgeries such as nose jobs and minor excisions or they may even assist in larger and more important surgeries such as tumor removals and open-heart surgeries.  Although surgery is different from most medical fields, these nurses are not the same.

TOP USA States Hourly Salary Annually Salary
California $31 to $42 $110,000  to $124,000
NYC $27 to $37 $109,000  to $122,000
Florida $26 to $36 $105,000  to $118,000
Ohio $28 to $37 $110,000  to $119,000

Surgical Nurse Practitioner Job Description

The specialization and focus of each nurse simply depend on which field they work in.

Surgery is a very delicate matter and every health care specialist involved has a very crucial role. Surgical Nurse Practitioners have to be very experienced and trained to manage surgeries and assistance in the operation theater.

However, these nurses have an extremely demanding work which involves managing a large amount of patient population and even extra hours of duty. A major surgery can last up 18 and 20 hours at stretch, these nurses are required to pay close attention and focus constantly during the surgery.

Assistance nurse doing all basic work like electricity fixing to the patient chest, cleaning and others tasks. Other medication and basic treatment like pain medication, assess healing and other basic instruments.

This nurse is also in contact with the patient’s family and informs every critical to the normal situation regarding the operation.


Operation Time Required

Some trauma cases or cardiothoracic surgery required more than 24HOURS, so make sure about it. The nurse must spend the most time in operation, so nurse must physical strong and adaptive to the operating environment.

  • Credentialing is also technology, the nurse must work on it.

Another major requirement of the work is to keep a close eye on the patients after the surgery and making sure they recover in a correct order.

Another extremely important part of the work is accountability because surgeries gone wrong can be fatal in most cases and hence doctors need to be extra careful with the task.

Educational Requirements

A nurse practitioner requires a master’s degree for the accreditation. Therefore, the path to becoming a nurse is quite straightforward but time-consuming.

Degree Required: Registered nurse

CourseWork Required: Coursework in anatomy, biology, chemistry, physiology, and nutrition

Licensed:  (NCLEX-RN)/(ANA)

Accreditation: (RN-BC)

Experience Required: Two years of RN experience/2200 Hour Required

These nurses require an accreditation from the government for a verification of the nursing education. However, they usually start with a bachelor’s degree for a registered nurse.  After that, they go for a master’s degree in surgery or any field that they are focused towards in medical care.

Master Requirements

The master’s degree is followed by verification from the government for an NP (nurse practitioner).

Moreover, at least 6 months of experience is usually needed as a nurse practitioner and at least a year of experience is needed in surgery, preferably cardiovascular surgeries.

Educational requirements and the experience needed are very demanding for surgical nurse practitioners keeping in mind the extremely delicate nature of the work that they pursue.

Salary and Career Outlook

Must having a practitioner certificate, if you want to compile with good hospitals in this field. Experience always matters to gain good salary, so checkout average salary in different states of US.

Average Surgical Nurse Salary

The average salary of a Surgical Nurse is about $110,000 annually and they usually get a bonus of about $11,000 depending on the job and duty hours.

The career is expected to grow at an average of 16% in the next decade.






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