A psychiatric nurse practitioner makes an average of $120,000 per year according to the Bureau of labor statistics (BLS). You can also know as PMHNPs (Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse practitioner.

The statistics also show that the expected growth in the career of psychiatric nurse practitioners is about 35% which is not only a huge number but relatively speaking, it’s one of the highest growths in the nursing industry. Make sure you know about the difference between Physician Assistant VS Nurse Practitioner.

The average psychiatric nurse practitioner treats patients suffering from mental health issues, depression, anxiety and other such problems related to psychology.

Research shows that these problems are gaining roots in the world as of today. Given the growing demand for this industry, psychiatric nurse practitioners are expected to earn much higher salaries with increased employability in the years to come, at least till 2024.

  1. Demand is very high in the US (Forbes 2017)
  2. 2nd most growing job scope after Family Health Practitioner
  3. MSN to DNP required to become
  4. 500 supervised clinical hours Required
  5. APRN license Required
  6. 10% to 15% can get more than $209,000 annually
  7. California & Florida is the Highest Paying state

Starting Salary for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

The American Association for Nurse Practitioners also stated the salary of psychiatric nurse practitioners to be higher than other professions in the US. Similar with Pediatric and Acute care nurse.

An exact figure stated was that the average national salary in the US is about $48,000 per year and psychiatric nurse practitioners make at least double that amount.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Salaries according to Percentile

The bureau of labor statistics does not have a report for the percentile of psychiatric nurse practitioners, the statistics can be read off a few other reports and the results, in fact, are surprisingly close to those of the BLS.

An average wage of the 10th percentile is about $73,000 whereas that of the 25th percentile is about $83,000.

This suggests that the starting salary of a nurse practitioner is in fact at least double than that of the most other careers in the US.

The highest wages are of the top 25 percent and the top 10 percent which is clear from the 75th and 90th percentile. These wages are $110,000 and $120,000 respectively.

Per Hour Salary

The average per hour salary of a psychiatric nurse practitioner is between $34 per hour and $65 per hour starting to high level.

The large deviation is because these salaries are given from lowest to highest, that is for the 10th percentile and the 90th percentile respectively.

Hourly Rate:   $34.04 – $65.59

A base salary of most nurses in this field is about $91,000 per hour whereas the highest salaries are of the nurses who have been in for more than 20 years.

Highest Paying state in the US for a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

As obvious as it may sound, the salaries of these professions vary from one place to another. The key factor that determines wages in different places is demand for a profession. In many states you can make on average Hawaii‎: ‎$88,910, that’s below the national level. In some state hospitals Florida or City, Los Angeles like (Florida Hospital Altamonte, Sarasota Memorial Hospital) PMHNPs can make above $24,0000 annually.

  1. Highest Paying state

However, the demand of nurse practitioners seems to be going up at a tremendous rate in most states. It is therefore reasonably safe to state that these nurses make a very lucrative living in almost all states.

  • California: $120,930 (average annual salary)
  • Alaska: $117,080
  • Florida: $115,220
  • Massachusetts: $114,860
  • Oregon: $111,210
  • NY: $108,887

But still breaking the discussion in more concrete terms, the general rule is that a place earns these nurses a higher salary if the working environment does not restrict or reduce hours of working.

This is not the case when there is a growing demand and it makes more sense to say that these nurses make relatively higher wages in a metropolitan as compared to urban or suburban areas.

In countryside areas like Georgia or Houston, these nurses still make a very lucrative wage of about $113,000 annually.

In other places like Massachusetts, they still make a very high wage of about $104,000 but that is a state with an increasing old age population and hence a higher demand exists.

But in other urban areas of the country, they make relatively smaller wages.

Salary by Type of Psychiatric Nurse (PMHNPs)

Although all psychiatric nurse practitioners work by and large in the same manner, some can make a higher wage as compared to others.

The reason here is that they treat different kinds of patients. Mental health nurses that specialize in treating adults make about $109,000 annually.

  1. Psycho-Sexual Disorders Nurse: $116,000
  2. Psychosomatic Nurse: $115,000
  3. Psychoneurosis: $106,000

This is lower than those that treat children, but those nurses fall under a category of neonatal nurses and they have a completely different set of responsibilities.

Those psychiatric nurse practitioners that treat general patients make about $108,000 per year which is close to that of adults.

However, those nurses that work with families are called family nurse practitioner and they make an average of about $106,000 annually. This is lower than other categories, an explanation for that is that they restrict their work hours and patients.

Where Most of the Jobs for Psychiatric Nurse?

The psychiatric nurse has more opportunity than any other nurse. Retail clinics, VA facilities, Rehabilitation center, and others mental centers. Here are some general facts and figures relates to Job nature. This figure is getting through (AANP). See on Glassdoor with reference on job scope in US health care centers. The similar job with their salary Physician/Psychiatrist ($241K) Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist ($91K).

  1. Doctors’ Offices: $117,556
  2. Hospitals: $114,000
  3. Mental Health Clinics: $122,889
  4. Your Own Practice: Depends

In addition, salaries will depend on either holding Master degree or Doctorate degree. After doctorate degree, you can also appoint in colleges as an educator or other GOVT councils of health care.

In Massachusetts, Oregon, San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City shortage of PNP.