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A pediatric nurse is one who particularly works with children. The exact age group they deal with includes infants to teenagers. Children have a growing body in this period and they need a more specialized care in order to ensure a healthy body as it develops. It’s clear that According to American Nurse organization PNP can make around $92,776 per year.  Mostly hospitals in US, gives good salary up to $97,443 per year or above 1.

Pediatric nurses (PN) require more than just bulletproof knowledge about the health care of children. It is usually much more demanding and difficult to work with minors. Being a pediatric nurse requires one to be extremely patient and sensitive because children are much harder to deal with and they require a specific kind of treatment.

These nurses should be genuinely approachable and should know how to communicate effectively with parents and children. Being compassionate and understanding is an important part of the job because young children have to be dealt with accordingly.


Starting Salary for Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

A pediatric nurse (PN) earns an average of $82,000 but this figure is subject to large variations given that some pediatric nurses hold an associate degree whereas some even hold a master’s degree.

A bachelor’s degree for pediatric nursing isn’t much different from registered nursing. It simply requires students to take pediatric care as electives which should help them through their certification.

According to (Indeed) PNP can make on average 1,969 per year, although this figure can increase up to $167,000 in mostly California hospitals and healthcare centers.

Note: (Last updated: November 10, 2018)

  1. Clinical Pediatric Nurse Consultant: $123,745 per year
  2. Acuity PNP: $105,376 per year

Pediatric Nurse Salary Per Hour

Educational requirements are actually very flexible for pediatric nursing because it is really the certification that matters. Education depends on the hourly salary range, on average $54 to $62 per hour salary.

Bonus: $973 – $14,874

Hourly Rate:   $36.04 – $60.59

According to Indeed, Per hour salary is high in the state like (Alaska, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington).

It allows these nurses to take up work in children health care centers. However, some states have additional requirements, so it is advised to take information from the state for a detailed knowledge.

Education Requirement for Good Hourly Salary

It is usually advised for the RN to work with younger patients if they wish to progress into pediatrics.

A further education of bachelor (minimum) is required to work as a pediatric. However, the basic requirement is the certification through the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCEX-RN).

A higher educational qualification such as a master’s or Ph.D. (Doctoral) raises expected salary considerably and is one way of making a very lucrative career for oneself.

Required Degree to Become: Master or Doctorate

Being a pediatric nurse first requires for one to work as a registered for a sufficient period of time before they can work as a pediatric.

Master salary range according to Indeed is $46,214 – $129,013, so PNP can make around this figure starting to average.

Highest Paying state in the US for Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Furthermore, what pediatric nurses earn is also dependent on where they work, those nurses working in metropolitan areas where demand for pediatrics is greater earn more than those in suburban and urban areas.

The average growth rate in the field of pediatric nursing is roughly 16% which is actually greater than that of most other fields. Most pediatric nurses show a high degree of work satisfaction.

BLS doesn’t provide data of highest paid state to Pediatric nurse, but we can assume random state with salary figure current.

  1. California: $112,995
  2. Florida: $109,926
  3. Alaska: $113,975
  4. Massachusetts: $105,010

Growth percentage continuous increase by over time. 34% jobs increase during the year 2012 – 2014.  All NP nurses like surgical Practitioner, Acute care & neonatal growth percentage increase remarkably.

Nurse Anesthesiologist is still in high demand due to highly paid salary and growth rate.


Where Most of the Jobs for Pediatric Nurse?

Almost every state in Us require PNP, here are a few companies you must apply first as a starting or professional.

The Execu|Search Group


Advocate Medical Group

Oak Lawn, IL, USA


Bronx, NY, US

California, Alaska, Ohio, Kansas and other cities like Boston, Los Angeles, Brooklyn has more jobs for NP than others.

What do they do? (Duties and Job Description)

A large part of the work of these nurses is to ensure all developmental milestones of children. Visits are scheduled for infants as regularly as once a month and for children aged 2 years or older, once a year. During these visits, pediatric nurses perform the basics such as checking height, weight and other factors and then draw further conclusions on whether the child is as healthy as possible.

They normally work alongside pediatricians, but nurses play a large role in this industry. They can specialize as pediatric anesthetics, oncology, and neurology etc.

Pediatric nurses also keep a close check on the vaccinations and immunizations of the kids for smallpox, polio, and influenza etc.

They not only ensure physical health but also mental health of the children, whether they are getting sufficient environmental nourishment or if something is bothering them.

Children can be injured quite often, and it is certain that the implications of simple injuries can go a long way in children if not treated properly.

Therefore, pediatric make sure that children heal in a proper and healthy manner such that they don’t carry a disease or infection which may show up later with more serious implications. One of the largest parts of the work is the communication involved. Pediatrics need to be efficient in being articulate with the parents and children about a given problem at hand.

It even involves explaining medication to the children because a young child may not be aware of how to consume a given medication.

Salary by Type of Pediatric Nurse (PNP)

You can join the different department in Pediatric, students also looking at which department gives me most Pay annually or hourly. Which is the most growth rate department of Pediatric?

Mainly 3 departments you can join;

  1. Pediatric oncology nurse Salary
  2. Acute care pediatric nurse Salary
  3. Pediatric primary care nurse Salary

Oncology department is the highest salary wise, highest figure you can achieve in it. On the other hand, Acute care and primary care nurse in high demand and good for you to enter this field. Pediatric oncology nurse can earn up to $113,000, compare to Primary Care Nurse $85,997 per year.