Palliative care nurses are mentioned to be known as the form of nurse practitioners who give the best care to the patients.  Usually this type of nurse care to old people, who is near about to death. Using their motives, they can improve their lifestyle and enhance the self-ability. Starting salary with a range of $48K will start in many states in the US like (Alabama, California, Ohio).

You can increase this level after getting enough clinical hours and education $120,000. The US many private and Got hospital needs that kind of staff.

This is for the reason that they are much involved in giving out the services for long-term patients. Some of the patients have a short-term lifespan as well. This is such a stressful work to perform on the emotional timeline basis.

Quick Facts relates to Palliative Care Nurse

Before starting the career in PCN, make sure about some main points. Many students didn’t know about PCN status in Nursing field. They related their duties with pediatric, holistic and Acute care.

  1. After getting License of Registered Nurse you can become
  2. Become in any stage of nursing
  3. You can also become after getting the certificate of CPD (Fee: $380)
  4. $48,000 to $120,000 range of salary, you can earn
  5. Found quick Job with good salary
  6. Just After ADN Education Pass NCLEX-RN Exam and Become

What Does a Palliative Care Nurse Do?

Actually, they play an important role in process of any patient with such diseases like;

  1. Cardiac disease
  2. Respiratory disease
  3. Kidney failure
  4. Alzheimer’s
  5. AIDS

This is much getting out as one of the public employment options in place of United States. Such nursing employment can best be selected by making your way in the clinic centers or health centers. Stepping into the massage centers as the therapist will also be one of the leading career employment options too.


This undoubtedly helps you to polish your skill in the nursing field. By reaching out with this blog post, you would be able to learn that what is the actual salary outlook of this field and how you can be the part of it.

Starting Salary for Palliative Nurse Practitioner

According to BLS PNP job growth will increase remarkably 22% in 2020. Both Holistic and Palliative Nurse career goes aside by aside. Only 4% starting nurse is getting $22,000 annually salary. But average salary according to (Ziprecruiter) is $96,659/year.

In starting palliative nurse can receive a salary of $42,000 to $48,000. This will depend on location (State in the US). Although not enough career growth and advance learning in this field, so you can expect easy increasing salary by getting experience.

Palliative Nurse Salary Per Hour

On Average range is between $26 to $32. However, it totally depends on Location in the US.

Hourly Rate: $34

Some state like (Texas, Indiana, Florida) and city (Georgia, NYC, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami) gives PNP good hourly rate.

How to Become Palliative Care Nurse?

 If you want to be the part of this field, then it is essential that you should be undergoing with the complete training.

Training will acquire you with the status of being the registered nurse in your employment sector. It is essential that you should be going through the Associate degree in nursing or also with the Bachelor of Science in the field of nursing.

Later on, you will be passing yourself out from the national licensing examination as for where you should be passed for the side of the certification as an RN. Standing suitable on the requirements is much essential. Especially in the course of the qualification, you should be on the front streamline.

You will be given the option as of where you will be expanding the circle of your knowledge in this field. You can choose the area of masters of science in nursing degree. This would be leading to the certification coursework related to the field of hospice and palliative care. Palliative nurses are divided into so many categories which are working in so many different areas. You should be choosing the field career line that suits best according to your skills and also in the range of your requirements too.

What is the Job Outlook of Palliative Care Nurses?

Now we will make you learn about the timeline of the job outlook for palliative nurses and so many other nurse practitioners.

There has been the composition of the growth as in 31% by the year 2022 as according to the reports of United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This is indeed coming out to be much fast as compare to the average growth position in the US. In the different states, you will be finding a different course of the pay scale over this career line.

Highest Paying state in the US for Palliative Nurse Practitioner

If you are looking highest opportunity state for Palliative Nurse, then You should move towards California and Florida. Both of these states give the highest salary, although due to this cause, job competition is very high in private hospitals like Miami hospitals, and healthcare center.

  1. Florida: $120,000
  2. California: $120,000
  3. Ohio: $103,000
  4. Alabama: $96,556
  5. Kansas: $83,000
  6. Kentucky: $81,000
  7. NYC: $75,000

Many other state like (Texas, Alabama) gives also good salary to nurse.



To sum up, with, we would say that the marketing salary for this employment career path is around $103,249 per year. You can even make it consider to be the same as the annual salary average that is almost $103,249. The highest salary in Florida & California, that’s $120,000.

This pay scale rate is increasing the popularity of this employment path — no doubt that the salaried course is fantastic. And this is the main reason that it is catching the attention of so many ladies out there to be the part of this career line. Did you find it interesting?