In this article, we will discuss NNP salary in top states of US. About career to education requirement and hourly to the average salary in California, Texas and other states.  We update salary stats according to the year 2018, so make sure about it. Seattle is the highest paying city that pays around $113,392. On average salary $125,776 annually.

  1. Master Degree Required to Become
  2. $129,993 is the highest figure you can make
  3. According to (BLS) hourly rate is $51

Who is the Neonatal Nurse?

A neonatal nurse practitioner is one who cares for infants, toddlers and neonatal (less than the age of 2) and work mostly inside a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Just like Locum Tenens nurse, they also part of the technical board of the nursing department.

A neonatal nurse has the delicate task of caring for very small children and these nurses are much more advanced than registered nurses. According to NANN (National Association of Neonatal Nurse), it’s necessary to take care of the baby till 2 years. Monitor health status, cardiology alteration, surgical problem Etc.

Core Certifications

Many certifications boost your visibility in C.V, some school gives you practical training regarding fatal monitoring, pediatric transport Etc.

  • Inpatient Obstetric Nursing
  • Surgery Care
  • Maternal-Newborn Nursing
  • Low-Risk Neonatal Nursing
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing

They require special education, special work experience, and special certification before they can work as a neonatal nurse. For good salary more than 2200 hours required in registered healthcare center in the US and Canada.

3 types of level training, level one is the basic nurse, who examine all process of newborn health (Monitor only healthy baby).

Level 2 NNP needs to take care of the sick baby with minor problems

Level 3 nurse must work intensively with the critical cases cardiological issue, fatal issue, unborn baby, month health issue.

How to Update their Neonatal Certification?

For an update in the recent experiment and medication department, you have to connect with some authority community. NANN will help you regarding this, already 8,000 plus member who joined the community and share their experience. Make sure the membership cost is $45.

Starting Salary for Nurse Practitioners

Here is some field specialization under neonatology Practitioner. Make sure the starting salary will depend on specialty under Neonatal.  Below we collect stats according to the survey (AANP).  Washington report according to Plus 10 years required to become (Degree + Experience Level).

Specialty Base Salary Income Total
Acute care $97,580 $107,200
Adult $97,990 $102,160
Family $92,630 $99,910
Gerontology $93,790 $99,990
Neonatal $111,500 $127,540
Pediatrics $93,610 $101,250
Psych/Mental Health $101,410 $111,220
Women’s Health $83,480 $91,730
*Supplied through the 2018 AANP National NP Compensation Survey

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salary by State

According to (Salary report) NNP makes $120,233 as of October 31, 2018.  Salary will depend on Master level education and work ex[eriec required clinical hours and other certifications.

  1. Baltimore: $108,968
  2. Cleveland: $105,773
  3. Fort Lauderdale: $102,550
  4. Philadelphia: $111,164
  5. Seattle: $113,392
TOP USA States Hourly Salary Annually Salary
Texas $42 $124,000
Georgia $37 $117,000
California $36 $108,000
Florida $37 $112,000

Certifications NNP Requirements

They are certified Advanced Practicing Registered Nurses (APRN). As the growing demand for healthcare is presumed, these nurses are forecasted to be in a higher demand in the times to come.

These nurses provide very advanced and difficult therapeutic and diagnostic procedures usually on little children that require extra attention.

There are roughly 5200 neonatal nurse practitioners in the US today.

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Education Requirements

Considering the delicacy of the work, these nurses are usually required to complete a masters or some other postgraduate degree.

This is important because these nurses provide very advanced medical treatment and effective work requires reliable knowledge about the work.

A nurse (a registered nurse) with a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree may not be able to deliver and can endanger the lives of infants.


Certification Required for Becoming

This needs a certification from the National Certification Corporation. After MSN, you must require at-least level 3 experience in neonatology. Many students earn this certification during the BSN period. This called Pre-master certification.

This certification is what is followed by a test that is meant to thoroughly measure the applicant’s knowledge of the field.

  1. If the student can pass the test, they qualify for the certification. However, it is a very skill demanding exam.
  2. Most master’s and doctorate students learn the knowledge and skills required for the certification at graduate school.
  3. It is one of the necessities considering the difficulty of the test the delicate nature of the job.

This certification is mandatory for work as a Neonatal at any facility that treats toddlers for advanced medical issues.

Neonatal ICU staff is entirely comprised of such professionals.

Job Outlook of Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

A practitioner has a long history of medical training. After a very long education up to masters or doctoral, these nurses have a tremendously long work experience in the healthcare field.

After that, they enter the work of a neonatal nurse practitioner.

This medical history dwells on the costs of significant financial resources, time, effort and skills developed. However, the job of a nurse is often a very highly paid job that opens up pathways for a very lucrative career ahead.

The starting salary of nurse practitioners is around $107,500 according to the US Bureau of labor statistics.

Average NNP Salary

The average salary of neonatal nurses is $124,000 annually. Most neonatal nurses take up the field for the comprehensive nature of the work and autonomy that they get to exercise within the work.

Of course, a lucrative career and higher wages are also a reason.

Some nurses also take up the field because of personal interests and for the age group that they personally wish to provide health care too.


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