In this chapter, I will discuss facts about locum tenens nurse, their duties and job description.  What salary can they earn? How much per hour salary in US states? 95% survey report positive about NP. According to ZipRecruiter (LTNP) $145,572/year make annually on national average and on highest level make $355,000 and lowest level $29,500. 

This salary estimation around 1 to 50 states in the US. 40% hospitals in United state giving salary between a range of $83,000 to $104,000.  Boston, New York City, and some cities in California list in top paying state or city.  A type of Psychiatry can make around $193,680 per year according to $93.12 per hour. According to (Salary) most of the hospitals give 101$ per hour.

  1. Top Paying States (North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska, Utah, Indiana)
  2. 16% job Growth in past 3 to 4 years
  3. Master Level education required to become
  4. Call or Appoint as temporary healthcare assignments
  5. Only General surgery and Psychiatry type LTN can earn more than $200 per hour
  6. Last ten years only 10% (Male, Female) works as LTN

What is Locum Tenens Nurse?

This is one who works as a substitute for another nurse or physician at a hospital. These are trained professionals who fully qualified to handle a healthcare situation, but they usually work on a kind of a freelance lifestyle.

Through Efficient onboarding process, Locum Tenens work with full dedication and systematic steam-line. As regarding their latent meaning (To Hold a Peace), the foremost job is to provide a friendly environment to the patient.

Locum Tenens Nurse Practitioner

Different healthcare companies, clinics, and hospitals hire the typical nurse to maintain patient care, improve the health environment, manage with modern patient facilities. Patient base and satisfaction scores in first priority. Many Physicians and Advanced Practitioners nurse would like to work with Locum Tenens for enhancing their abilities.

Type Average Salary Per Hour Salary
Florida $83,000 to $143,887 36.78
California $86,000 to $133,999 36.88
Texas $83,000 35.88
New Mexico $81,000 33.87

In some hospitals (Private), they make over $50 per hour, so you can estimate monthly or annually figure. But this does not mean they are paid on a freelance basis, they have fixed salaries and they are paid regularly.

Job Description of Locum Tenens

However, their work hours are very volatile, i.e., subject to change. They may be called to work on a full-time or may not even have to work for a couple of weeks at stretch.

These physicians have their work depends on whether the hospital or medical facility needs an extra hand or not.

Sometimes, a doctor or a designated physician may have to take a leave on an urgent basis and that is when LTN are needed.

Moreover, there may be days when the hospitals run short of working staff (this only includes practicing staff), in days like these, health care services do not stop rather they are continued by substitute nurses who are known as Locum Tenens.

Starting Salary Locum Tenens Nurse Practitioners

These professionals are hired by hospitals and busy healthcare units where they can’t stop their services when the staff is off duty.  These nurses work on an irregular basis and they are not required on a fixed number of days of the week, their work is almost like that of freelance nurses.

Starting Salary: $250,000 Annually (Depends on Type of LTN(Surgery, Family healthcare, Obstetrics) Make sure this is Psychiatry type.

But these professionals are not paid like freelance professionals. They are mostly paid on a regular basis irrespective of the amount of work they do.

Locum Tenens Per Hour Salary

They could either be paid for no hours practiced during the week or they could be paid for $40 hours a week. As I mentioned above in most special type like surgery can make $200 per hour.

A Locum Tenens has the liberty to work less or no hours on an occasional basis, but the tradeoff is that they must report to work whenever needed even on a short notice. Furthermore, this is why they are known as substitute physicians, they are supposed to handle the situation and continue treatments when the designated physician can’t make it.

Although it is a higher amount they are paid than the usual nurses the balance here is for the fact that they may be called whenever needed.

Highest Paying state in the US for Locum Tenens Nurse

Some nurses work as family physicians and their job is of a somewhat similar nature.

They may be needed to work on irregular hours as a family doctor who works privately. These professionals make an average of $85,000 per year but it is going to $295,000 annually.

  1. North Dakota
  2. South Dakota
  3. Alaska
  4. Utah
  5. Indiana

Pediatric nurse practitioners and Registered nurses also take up Locum Tenens Nurse practicing for work and their pay are either dependent on the number of hours they work, or they have a weekly salary as per the hospital.

Top Hospitals Rate Per Hour Salary

They make an average of $60 to $200 for every hour they work, this is for those nurses who are paid per hour and not on a regular basis.

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