A family nurse practitioner is a medical professional who has taken a master’s education and is a certified nurse practitioner. This makes it quite clear that these nurses make a good amount of money annually.

The average FNP in the US makes about $91,000 to $107,000 annually. But this can largely vary from depending on the place, education, experience and work hours.

Some nurses also make bonuses and profit sharing benefits which basically just depends on the work facility that allows commissions. Family nurse practitioners can make an extra of about $5000 from bonuses and roughly the same amount i.e., $5000 from profit sharing.

Moreover, the can make an average of $8,200 from commissions as well. Therefore, it can conveniently be deduced that these nurses make a lucrative wage.

Quick Facts about Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

Summarized facts and figures about FNP education, certification, Licensing requirements, salary by State US, High to Lowest Salary.

  1. Work in Clinics, Mental Care Centers, Hospitals required advance education
  2. After Getting NCLEX-RN exam, Move MSN in FNP specialization
  3. Specialization means (Renal/Urology, Perinatal, Long-Term Care, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation).
  4. After NCLEX-RN Visit here for Certification of FNP
  5. 95% of nurse Practitioner have a graduate degree, so for job growth, you must have AT-least Master or DNP Degree
  6. According to BLS $107,000 FNP make annually
  7. Highest Salary for FNP is above $145,630 in California, New York, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire
  8. Boston, Los Angeles, Phoenix-Mesa, Baltimore-Columbia, Chicago-Naperville

The average salary of family nurse practitioners ranges from $75,000 to $112,000. After bonuses, profit sharing and commissions are included, the total pay of the professional falls between $77,000 and $128,000 annually.


Starting Salary for Family Nurse Practitioner

As said earlier, the salary of these nurses can go from one extreme to another depending on a few factors, some of them are listed below. But on average starting salary without much experience level is between $45,000 to $55,000, this mainly depends on type and location you perform duties.

For example, if your clinic and hospital are near to Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land, TX then your starting salary will above $70,000.

Some other metropolitan areas like Rochester, MN, Lima, OH, Knoxville, TN, then the range is between 65,000 to 75,000 annually.

Education Required to Get Good Salary

Although most family nurse practitioners have a master’s degree (as it is a pre-requisite for NP certification), some professionals also have a Ph.D. which can largely increase their salaries and yearly savings.

For good salary, an FNP should complete at-least Master level education or higher.

A higher education results in more important work opportunities and consequently higher wages.

Some family nurse practitioners may also have a bachelor’s degree but from at least 15 years ago (or as per state laws), they then dwell on their experience to make higher wages.

Family Nurse Salary Per Hour

PR hour salary range between $23 to $25 in starting and after having experience or education enough, this range increases up to $50.

Some metropolitan areas like Cleveland, TN, Johnson City, TN and Hattiesburg, MS due to the shortage of Family Nurse in the private sector, so hourly range increase up to $70.

Work Experience Required to Get Highest Salary

A most obvious factor that salary depends on is the work experience of the medical profession.  

Work experience directly means the number of years spent in the medical industry. As per a data collected from over 2500 professionals yields that most family nurse practitioners make an average of $90,000 when they enter the industry.

This time frame fits those professionals who have been in the industry for anywhere between 0 and 5 years.

Professionals who have been working for over 5 years and under 10 years make an average of $96,000.

The salary of these nurses crosses a $100,000 after about 15 to 20 years of work experience.

Highest Paying state in the US for Family Nurse Practitioner

Location matters a huge deal when considering living expenses and salaries. A city that is more developed and has a more flourishing industry can be expected to pay a higher wage as compared to an urban or suburban area. Check in most popular or highest paying hospitals in the US.


For example, the city of Los Angeles, being a highly industrialized city and having a huge retired and elderly population pays a higher wage as compared to some other places.

  1. Rochester, MN: $124,690
  2. California: $126,770 ($60)
  3. Alaska: $125,140 ($60)
  4. Hawaii: $122,580 ($58.7)
  5. Massachusetts: $120,580 ($57.76)

The salary of a family nurse practitioners in LA is about 13% more than the national average whereas the industrially rich city of Houston pays 11% more to these nurses.

In some Big Thicket Region of Texas nonmetropolitan area, and Balance of Alaska nonmetropolitan area the range increase above $142,000 annually.

Similarly, New York and San Diego are also among the high paying locations. Places like Chicago and Memphis pay about 1% less than the national average salary of family nurse practitioners.

FNP Salary by Type

Who employs a family nurse practitioner also affect the salary of nurse largely. A more reputable medical facility that is located in an affluent center is bound to make more money as compared to a place that is in a less affluent place.

  1. Gerontology $94,485
  2. Mental Health $92,396
  3. HIV Clinic $89,506
  4. Family Practice $89,317
  5. Private NP $111,750
  6. Private Physician $95,680
  7. Community Health Center $92,110
  8. Rural Health Clinic $92,560

Consequently, such a place will also allow family nurse practitioners to make a higher wage. The Minute Clinic, for example, pays a relatively higher wage of about $104,000 annually.

Compare salary stats with similar kind of occupation, Acute Care, Pediatric Nurse, Holistic, Palliative Nurse.

The Veterans Administration United States pays around $101,000 annually. The “Take Care Health Care” facility is also among the highest paying employers.

Other places such as the Family Practice Clinic and the Family Practice Group pay a median salary of around $83,000 annually.

Career Outlook of Family Nurse Practitioner

The expected growth of family nurse practitioners is about 22% by 2020. This figure is much higher than that of most other careers even in nursing. This is because of the increasing demand for healthcare.

FNP Career Outlook

Apart from just higher employability, this is also expected to increase the average wage of Nps.

Most state laws allow family nurse practitioners to continue independent practice and this is one way for nurses to make a much higher wage for themselves.