A dermatology nurse practitioner is a nurse who has specialized in treating all sorts of problems related to the skin. In this article, we cover all career relates an aspect of DN. Which states is the best for you? Hourly and averages salary range in each state of US.

Who is the Dermatology Nurse?

In this field, the skin is treated as an organ and basically speaking, the skin is the largest organ. Like any other organ, it is also vulnerable to diseases and infections.

  1. Aesthetic Dermatology: $67,000
  2. Cosmetic Dermatology: $76,000

Treat skin issues ranging from minor ones such as acne and blemishes to skin infections, rash, and even skin cancer treatment.  It also aids doctors in skin cancer surgeries. They specialize in skin problems and hair fall and other hair problems also fall in the same category.

  1. An overall inspection of Skin treatment
  2. Assist in cosmetic surgery or further assistance
  3. Prevention of cancer
  4. Advice patient regarding advance treatment and operation

Most skin problems are the just minor complication that occurs due to some external factors and this nurse also work in close coordination with families and patients.

Educational Requirements for Dermatology Nurse Practitioners

As said earlier, these nurses are basically registered, nurses. Therefore, the first step is to take a nursing education.

Required Degree: Associate, Bachelor

Licensed Required: NCLEX

Experience Required: Two years in a dermatological setting

Hours of Experience: 2,000 hours of clinical experience

After passing an exam you become (DNC)

Most aspirants obtain a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field and apply for an RN under the state.

However, most people also take up an associate degree for becoming a registered nurse. Other nurses are LPN and LVN and this also comes after an associate degree or a certification.

After an education, the last step is to declare RN, LPN or LVN under the state through a test.

Where I Get a Dermatology Nursing Job?

These nurses are basically registered nurses and they can also perform private practice. Given the field that it is and what it deals with, dermatology is a very lucrative and rewarding field.

  • Hospitals
  • Infusion clinics
  • Cosmetic Dermatology practice
  • Plastic surgeon office
  • Private sectors
  • Spas
  • Dermatology private practice
  • Burn Centers

Advance Practice

With the upcoming trends of body shaming and looking perfect, dermatology has evolved volumes. Clinics and hospitals have separate departments that deal with skin problems and skin care practices have also changed greatly, hence changing medicinal practices.

It today learns many new techniques and medicinal practices which are quite different from conventional ones.

How Much Does a Dermatology Nurse Make?

In addition, the different state of US, this type of nurse makes a high salary even in some city of California and Florida Per hour rate in above $78.  But overall per hour rate is $24 to $34.

Usually, the salary range depends on hospitals, some private sector paid heavy then another regular one.

According to the different scale (Payscale) on average or annually, the salary is Above $56,000 (in the year 2018).

State by State Salary Range

States Hourly Salary Annually Salary
DN Salary Florida $57 to $61 $78,556
DN  Salary  California $42 to $54 $56,554
DN Salary Texas $27 to $36 $52,345
DN  Salary  Georgia $25 to $31 $41,000
DN  Salary Chicago $24 to $36 $43,667
DN Salary Ohio $21 to $37 $42,999

What Type of Dermatology Nurse Make Highest Salary?

Cosmetic dermatology is the highest salary maker in different town US.  Here is list show some top cities in America with the highest salary range.

Chicago $57 to $61 $3,650
Boston $57 to $61 $3,740
New York City $57 to $61 $4,115
San Francisco $57 to $61 $4,554
Los Angeles $57 to $61 $5,974
Washington, D.C $57 to $61 $4,564
Denver $57 to $61 $4,233

Stitches and wounds are healed in such a way that they do not leave a mark on the skin and these are all practices of dermatology nurse practitioners. Therefore, dermatology and the nurses involved in the field can build very lucrative careers for themselves with the right kind of education and work experience.

However, this is not just it. It also handles emergency cases such as those in burn units inside hospitals hence working evening and night shifts along with day shifts.

Although the work is just as tough as any other nurse, these nurses usually have it easier because it does not involve very serious medicinal treatment such as heart surgeries. Moreover, skin cancer surgeries, burn recovery surgeries and other such practices are an important part of the work of these nurses.

These nurses are well aware of all the skin infections, wounds and fungal diseases that are common on the skin and their usual work is to treat such issues.

Salary and Career Outlook to Dermatology Nurse

Very much bright career, if you enter this field. Job scope in many states like Florida where skin diseases are very high due to mold. You will get the quick and high salary in Florida and California.

The average salary of a Dermatology Nurse Practitioner is $52,300 and the field (as a career) is expected to grow in the next 10 years by an average of 19%.


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