Cardiology nurse practitioners are medical experts who work in health care settings which particularly have a cardiology center. One of the highest earning field n nursing. Salary usually depends on common factors like geographical, experience level and others.

A cardiology nurse practitioner can make between the 75th percentile and the 25th percentile in general.  The 75th percentile makes around $122,000 per year whereas the 25th percentile earns like $103,000 annually. View on details key benefits of NP through AANP.

However, throughout their career, cardiology nurse practitioners can expect to earn between a low of $90,000 per year and a high of $150,000.

If you are new in this field, or just get NCLEX-RN than first apply for starting job in Lake City Medical Center (Lake City, Florida), New York (NY), Dobbs Ferry, NY, Winter Park, FL, (Mission Health) Asheville, NC, George Washington Medical Faculty Associates (Pennsylvania), Freeman Health System (Joplin, MO 64804), Ochsner Health System (Covington, LA), Massachusetts General Hospital(MGH) Waltham, MA.

10 Quick Facts About Cardiology Nurse

Before reading fully about nurse practitioner, make sure you read these important facts. Some of the facts we have taken from the different official site of nursing.

  1. Perform most of the duties for acute and chronic illness
  2. RN-BC certification required to become (Get through ANCC)
  3. OHIO, Virginia, Florida, NYC, Colorado is the highest paying state in the USA
  4. San Diageo, San Francisco, Boston, Houston, NYC, and many more cities ranked on top regarding top-paying cities in the USA.
  5. 10% of Cardiology Nurse is earning more than $150k after 20 years of experience
  6. Face high competition in this field
  7. NCLEX-RN and cardiac-vascular nursing certification is requiring to become a nurse practitioner
  8. After getting certification, go to state page and apply for licensing
  9. Your salary will at-least $160,000 after getting DNP or Ph.D.
  10. 12000 plus employment in 2016


Starting Salary for Nurse Practitioners

On average as a cardiology practitioner, you can make initially $45,000 $57,000 depends on a particular center and state. Mostly PRN Nurse applies to this certificate and becomes nurse practitioner analyzing the demand in particular area.  The variation of salary depends on various factors such as experience in the industry, educational qualifications and the exact field of work.

After neurological health and mental health nurse practitioners are the highest paid nurse practitioners.

Education Required to get Good Salary

A nurse practitioner normally has a minimum educational qualification of a master’s degree and most nurse practitioners also need a higher educational qualification. Although there is no particular certification for Cardiology nurse, however, some state design courses especially for training purpose. Getting RN must apply to this course and after the license.

Those nurse practitioners who work in research and academia need a doctoral or Ph.D. degree at least because the work involves more rigorous academic work.

A master’s degree is, however, a pre-requisite for nurse practitioners.

Average Salary and Beyond for Cardiology Nurse Practitioners

According to BLS most of the Nurse practitioner perform Personal Care Services in the cardiology department and earn $139,000 annually. For Job search, you must visit (USAJOBS) and search particular field job.

Cardiology Nurse Practitioner Salary by Experience

The salary of any professional in any given field goes up as they spend more time in the industry and that is the general trend.

In the case of cardiology nurse practitioners, it is just as true. Those NPs who have an experience of 0 to 5 years are entry-level professionals who make roughly $101,000 or $102,000 annually. However, those NPs who have worked in the industry between 6 and 11 years can expect to earn about $111,000 annually. Furthermore, those between 11 and 15 years of experience can bag up to $115,000 per year.  For licensing and certification read this article.

A more experienced slot of professionals which includes those who have been in the industry for more than 15 years are those with up to 20 years of experience and they can earn around $117,000 annually.

Those nurses with higher experiences, such as that of more than 21 years can expect to make more than $120,000.

Cardiology Nurse Practitioner Salary by State

First of all, Hawaii and Alaska are among the highest paying states for nurse practitioners which around $115,000.

California also has a higher retired population and pays one of the highest NP salaries in the US at about $115,000. Next to these states are Oregon and Massachusetts where nurse practitioners in cardiology can expect to make around $108,000 per year.

Top States Annually Salary Hourly Salary
MA $130,000 $56 to $62
CT $124,000 $52 to $58
Texas $116,998 $47 to $53
Florida $114,335 $46 to $54
California $112,446 $58 to $67
NYC $110,667 $56 to $62

Then come the states in the north such as New York and New Jersey where cardiology NP experts can earn around $105,000 on average per year.

Those nurse practitioners working in Arizona and Minnesota earn slightly less than those in the west, they earn approximately $102,000 annually.

Compare this nurse type with others like (psychiatric nurse practitionerpediatric nurseNNPlocum tenens nurse, and Palliative care nurse.

Highest Paying Facilities

Some facilities in the US pay higher to medical professionals, most of these facilities and municipalities are located in places where is a higher demand for nurse practitioners already.

  1. The highest paying is Columbus where nurse practitioners can expect to earn about $146,000 annually as a median wage.
  2. Next to it stands San Jose, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara where nurse practitioners gather a lucrative $139,500 per year.

In Hawaii, which is already one of the highest paying states to cardiology nurse practitioners, the highest paying municipalities include Honolulu where nurse practitioners can expect to earn $126,000 annually.

Surprisingly the non-metropolitan division of Southern Texas is also among the highest paying locations which pay roughly $136,000 per year to NP experts.

Employment Facts in the USA

Nurse practitioners are in high demand and with a rise in stagnant lifestyles where exercising and exerting is not only uncommon but undesirable among many.

Heart diseases and other heart problems that involve cardiologists suggest that the need for cardiology nurse practitioners. The average growth of cardiology NP experts in the US is much more than that of many other careers.

  1. The average growth expected for this career is roughly between 19% and 20%.
  2. Currently, there are roughly 10,000 nurse practitioners employed in New York whereas in California there are about 9,800.

In addition, In other states where there is a lesser demand for practitioners, there are about 3500 to 4000 nurse practitioners employed. These states include Georgia and Illinois.

Note: For more information about Cardiology nurse practitioner career outlook, and salary near your particular area. Request us for an instant job with your current educational.