An Acute Care Nurse Practitioner is a medical professional who particularly works with those patients who are in need of critical care.  Patients suffering from relatively serious medical conditions have a higher chance of severe consequences and thereby require more care and in fact, specialized care.

Acute care nurses specialize in helping these patients through their conditions. Although most nurse practitioners work with patients for longer periods of time, some even work as family physicians. From serious illness to respiratory care, this nurse manages at all.

These nurses work for a short period of time with a certain patient. Their work largely involves surgery. From diagnoses serious medical issue, sometime consultant transfer patient to the second option.

Patients who suffer from chronic or acute illnesses often require immediate surgery and these nurses play an important role in this regard.  They prepare patients for surgery and in fact, their work, most of the times, is around surgery and operations.

  1. Best Hospital in the US

Highest Paid State

The recent survey, high demand in California & Texas, Salary range varies according to BSN to MSN degree.

State Per Hour Monthly
California $62 to $73 $126,770 to $145,630
Texas $61 to $71 $125,770 to $143,630

 It’s clearly indicated in some other channel about the shortage of Acute Nurse (News). Since they work with patients with serious conditions, these nurses are required to work in emergency medical facilities.

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Job Description

Acute care nurse practitioners specialize in a particular field, and this is the field in which they assume work in a medical facility.


They specialize in fields such as neurosurgery, oncology, and cardiology etc. These fields are generally those which require them to be available round the clock gave the continuous care nature of the illnesses that the patients suffer from.

The nature of the work of these professionals is not as straightforward. They work with patients who have conditions like heart attack, shock or other situations where they require surgery.

These professionals have a high degree of importance during the surgery, but they are also required to provide assistance to the patient before and after the surgery.

  1. Cardiac care
  2. Emergency care
  3. Transplant care
  4. Trauma
  5. Hospitalist Acute Care
  6. Intensivist Acute Care

Primary Duties of ACNP

Given the severe nature of the suffering, the aftermath of surgery for these patients is of a technical nature.

They need round the clock assistance and they need expert help for any situation that may even seem trivial. Upon observing a patient, these nurses should be capable of making quick decisions and diagnosis from the data obtained.

These nurses also require significant education and training in life support. Patients of chronic illnesses may often be in situations where things can go from the best to the worst and these nurses are the primary first aid for them before a doctor.

Therefore, these nurses should be very trained and vigilant with the patient and the illness.

Acute care nurses work as team leaders and case managers for many patients given the fact that these are highly educated and trained nurses.

The legal jurisdiction of these nurses allows them to identify an illness and up to a limited extent, they may even prescribe medication and treatment.

During the treatment of a patient, these nurses stay in close proximity with the patients. In this way, they are an alternative to the physician who may not have the time for tasks of such nature.

Work Environment for Acute Care Nurse

Primarily, these nurses work in hospitals in emergency and other departments. But they can be needed in numerous other health care facilities as well.

Some nurses also take up work in nursing homes, physician’s offices and some even work with the patient as family nurses.

They may be needed to provide assistance whenever called upon and this makes their work of a demanding and difficult nature but at the same time, extremely important.

Acute care nurses often work night shifts which becomes a very common part of their work. These nurses do not always work alone, they also with the assistance of other nurse practitioners and aides.

However, emergency rooms, critical care units, and operating rooms are the most common workplaces for these nurses.

Subspecialty sectors such as:

  • Cardiology
  • Pulmonology
  • Neurology
  • Cardiothoracic surgery
  • Interventional radiology

Once a patient has been discharged from critical care or a hospital, they may continue further work with them as outpatients and this is a large part of their work.

Salary and Career Prospects in the US

Most acute care nurses have reported a high degree of work satisfaction. They have a highly demanding work, but they also have an extremely lucrative work. According to BLS most of 90% can get earn $145,630/month salary after getting practitioner degree in any nursing field.

With the right kind of education and work experience, these nurses can build a very rewarding career for themselves in the longer run.

Acute care nurses can earn up to $95,000 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average expected growth of acute care nurse practitioners is roughly 34% which is well above the growth of many other careers.

This is because of the high amount of demand that these nurses have currently and will continue to have.

What these nurses earn is largely reflected by their education, their place of work and their years spent in health care.

Highest Paid State to Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

These nurses make a higher wage in places such as the state of California and New York. With 30% growth rate this one of the highest boosting sector of nursing.  According to BLS, we arrange some top paying ACNP nurse states.

What is the 2-year degree salary? Here are some questions need to be resolved. Nurses and other health care professionals make a higher wage in places where there is a higher amount of retirement population. This includes places like Florida, California and New Hampshire.

Top USA Cities Per Month Salary Hourly Salary

New Mexico

$118,334 $52


$122,350 $56


$117,660 $49


$122,140 $62

New York

$124,664 $52


$126,770 to $145,630 $62 to $71


$1108,556 $48


$106,667 $42


$125,667 $67


$106,100 $47


$112,344 $48


$103,199 $43


$101,190 $41

New Hampshire

$103,443 $42

In places like New York, acute care nurses make a higher wage given the fact that these places are more industrially developed and fall under the regions marked as metropolitans.

Other metropolitan areas include New Jersey, Texas, Boston etc.

Apart from geographical factors, gender differences play a very subtle role in the salaries that acute care nurses make.

Male acute care nurse practitioners make an average between $83,400 and $110,000. Female professionals, on the other hand, make an average that lies anywhere between $83,300 and $109,000 annually.

In the metropolitan area of Boston, acute care nurses can make a high of about $122,000 which is the highest in comparison to any other state. However, in places like Nashville in Tennessee, these nurses make a high of about $93,000 which falls among the lowest through most of the US.

Houston also pays a high average of $112,000 which is also among the highest in the US.

Nurses who have work experience between 10 and 20 years make up around 23% of all the acute care nurse practitioners and they make more than 70% of the nurses.