$141, 942 salaries to Nurse Anesthesiologist in the years 2015 to 2016, but how much can earn in 2018? Top paying state in the US, Entry level job salary? Which certification must require to get a quick job during student phase? Hourly Rate and which health care center or hospitals in which state of Us give me most?

You can get all of these questions answers here.

Who is Nurse Anesthesiologist?

A nurse anesthesiologist is a medical professional who can well be considered as among the most important part of the healthcare industry. Key role in operation theater provides facilities to a patient and manage all health environment. Master education and then certification required to become this. Here we can discuss some key factor, salary in the main state in the US, and job outlook with advance practice to become an educator and consular.

There is a strong for why most medical professionals who begin their career are registered nurses keep it in the long term to work as a nurse anesthesiologist. Acute care experience required as well as an internship in a hospital or any other healthcare center.

Key features

  1. You get a Trademark (CRNA) after complete everything.
  2. No #39 Highest paying job in America Top 100
  3. Can Earn $207,000/year
  4. 0% Growth rate
  5. 7 to 8 years required to become (CRNA)
  6. 2,600 clinical hours required in practice
  7. California and Texas are highest paying state

A nurse anesthesiologist works mainly in surgical departments and in operation theatres. They assist in the pre-surgery preparation and aide throughout an entire surgery.

Highest Paying state in the US for Nurse Anesthesiologist

Students keep to knows about which state giving quick entry job and highest salary to Anesthesiologist. Here is some state with hourly and monthly pay. Dallas and Boston are the top states, here Anesthesiologist in high demand.


California again the highest paying state to Anesthesiologist. Almost you can earn more than $240,887/year. This means your hourly rate is more than $102.

  1. Albany
  2. Alviso
  3. Atherton
  4. Baldwin Park
  5. Belvedere Toburon


$155,150 and $184,160 can earn in a year in Florida, that’s mean around $75 to $81 per hour salary in health care.

High Paying Metropolitan Cites of Florida

  1. Alachua FL
  2. Alford
  3. Altamonte
  4. Altha
  5. Altoona
  6. Alva
  7. Century

According to Payscale if you have experienced more than 15 years then your hourly rate as a Nurse Anesthesiologist will be more than $100.


In Texas NA salary range between, $154,511 and $183,589.  Make sure Chief Nurse required Master degree to get high salary.

  1. Abilene, TX
  2. Addison
  3. Barker
  4. Boling

NY (New York)

$171,870 and $204,007 you can get the salary in NY. There is no of hospitals and healthcare center where you can get a quick job.

Los Angeles

One of the top city, where Nurse Anesthetic can get good salary.

Growth down in US states

Here is some state, where growth down by % in recent years for this job.

  1. Houston -1%
  2. Atlanta -2%
  3. Chicago -7%
  4. Orlando -7%
  5. Tampa -9%

The Others States with Growth Rate and Salary

List of others states with high salary to lower salary, per hour rate and other job outlook and career growth guide.

  1. New Mexico
  2. Indiana
  3. Ohio
  4. Alabama

How to become a Nurse Anesthesiologist / Education and Certification?

These medical professionals have a master’s degree that focusses on anesthesia and intensive clinical practice in critical care and surgery.

They are highly educated nursing professional who needs significant experience as registered nurses.

Step 1: Get a BSN degree from an accredited university or school

Step 2: Get Rn certification through national Center (https://www.ncsbn.org/9008.htm)

Step3:  Get two-year experience in acute nursing especially intensive care unit.

Step 4: Master degree make sure your pre-requisite course includes chemistry (2 courses), human anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and statistics.

Step 5: Get Graduation degree in Anesthesiologist program.

Step6: Pass exam (NBCRNA) https://www.nbcrna.com/

Step 7: Go further Doctorate study to become an educator or get a job.

One way is to work in a surgery relevant field as a registered nurse for relevant experience in the field if this is the long-term plan.

How long does it take to become Anesthesiologist?

7 to 8 years requires or some cases 10 to become. After you just need to update their certification from the accreditation unit. These nurses are basically advanced practice registered nurses (APRN). They, however, need to take a certification exam through the National Boards of Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists.

After this certification, the nurses are called Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA).

This certification enables them to perform practice as a verified professional in any medical facility that deals with the higher level of critical care as well as daily emergencies.

A fairly significant experience is, however, mandatory in order to start practice as a CRNA because nurses need sufficient experience to work as APRNs.

What do they do? (Duties and Job Description)

The work of a nurse anesthesiologist is more than just pre-surgery anesthesia related. Surgery is a delicate medical activity that requires for a patient to be ready for unexpected circumstances.

Before surgery Procedures

Nurse Anesthesiologists also have to ensure a healthy cardiovascular flow do blood through the body during the surgery. After medication and anesthesia, the patient’s body starts responding differently. Therefore, further measure and procedures are taken by nurse anesthesiologists to ensure a regular functioning body.

Every patient has to be evaluated for this after every anesthesia and surgery in general. Some patients may respond differently to different medical experiences.

It is the job of a nurse anesthesiologist to ensure that the patient does not go through anything that isn’t normal.  In the opposite case, the medical professional needs to take urgent measures to help the patient and ensure normality.

Analyzing Surgery type

They are also supposed to analyze the kind of surgery that the patient is going through and what kind of anesthetic would be necessary and what kind of medication to use given a patient’s medical history.

After the surgery has been carried out, patients need extra care while being discharged from the surgical unit and this has to be carried out with professional vigilance.

A nurse anesthesiologist plays an important role in post-surgery activities that are required by the patient.

X-rays and radiographs

A nurse anesthesiologist may also be required to take X rays, radiographs and other forms of testing for patients to completely understand the patient’s physiology.  These nurses also have an important work in the intensive care unit. Patients are going through critical situations in most cases under such care.

Pulmonary Equipment Management

Nurse anesthesiologists also monitor the airway and pulmonary equipment of the patient if any, they also manage ventilation and pharmacological support if needed. They need to be vigilant and look out for indicators such as eye and pupil, skin color, pulse, blood pressure, ventilation, and respiration etc.

Patients that nurse anesthesiologists normally work are in extremely critical situations and hence even the smallest indicators can mean life-changing factors.

Since surgery changes techniques through every coming year, it is important for these nurses to learn new things and stay abreast of all the advancements in the fields.

Career Prospects and Salary

Given the demanding nature of the work, these nurses can have a very lucrative career for themselves.

Average salaries of nurses in this field are between $105,000 and $242,000 annually. However, this largely depends on the location and the work experience.

Average Entry-Level Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) Salary

Location plays a larger a role here, those nurses in Montana can potentially earn $50,000 more than those working in Nevada.

How Much Does an Anesthesiologist Nurse Make a Year?

The work of these nurses is very difficult and demanding and even asks for work in odd hours, but it proportionally monetarily rewarding and nurses a high degree of job satisfaction in the field.