Here you can understand all facts and figures about Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse (LVN/LPN), main about salary. Top paying state in the US, Highest hourly rate and location of health care and medical center relates to high paying. Growth rate and the little bit about how to become?

What is an LVN?

An LVN is a Licensed Vocational Nurse who is a medical professional. LVNs take care of patients who are disabled, injured or admitted in hospitals over general sickness. In this Article, we inform you about LVN Salary, Education and career information.

But these nurses do not carry out independent practice, rather they work under the supervision of doctors and registered nurses.  In the USA, LVN job scope is higher than other registered or nurse practitioner. According to THENEWS on average LVN can make around $47,930 per year, but this figure reaches to $87,000 in some city of California and Florida.


Difference Between LVN and RN

LVN is the starting or first stage in the nursing field. LVN for those who want a quick and easy job without getting a Bachelor or Master degree. On the other Hand, to become RN you must Pass license and having Bachelor degree in the nursing field.

You can aspect the Highest Salary in many cities of California like Houston and Dallas.  LVNs need a certification from the government after which they are eligible to work.

Quick Facts about a licensed practical nurse (LVN)

First of all, make sure, to become LVN or LPN you don’t require to get the doctoral or master degree in the nursing field. Just associate degree required with some license to become.

  1. Main duties (Dressing Wounds, Support Register and Nurse NP)
  2. On Average LVN can make $47,000 to $52,000 annually with $27
  3. Highest Paying State for LVN is California, Texas, Ohio, Connecticut, New Jersey
  4. Required NCLEX-PN License for practice
  5. After associate degree just required 1 year for the complete education
  6. Houston, Dallas, San Francisco is the top city, where you can aspect $75,000 annually
  7. Job scope is very high in Kentucky, MN, PA, and NYC
  8. 22% job growth aspect until 2024
  9. You can perform duties as an LVN in assisted-living centers, Hospitals, rehabilitation centers
  10. List in top 20 Best paying field for Women
  11. Female Man Ration 10.1
  12. Don’t Require Bachelor Degree

LVN Salary

The average salary of an LVN is the US is around $44,000 to$ 52,000 annually. Being an LVN is, in fact, a more lucrative career than most other careers given the fact that the average salary of an LVN is higher than the average national income in the US by about $2200.

The average salary of a new recruit who has experience in the health care field of less than 2 to 3 years is about $35,000 annually.

How much does LVN make an hour?

On Average LVN/LPN can do $23 to $25 per hour. In some state like Washington DC, NYC, Florida, California this figure reaches to $27 per hour.

On the high side, the salary of a more experienced LVN who has been in the field for 10 years or more can earn around $67,000 annually. This figure can still go up with more experience and specialization.

Starting Salary

After complete clinical hours, you can aspect $35,000 annually salary in starting off your career as an LVN or LPN.

Average Salary

$47,000 to $52,000 is the average salary in 85% of State in the USA for this position.

Factors Affecting LVN Earning

The salary of an LVN can vary depending on a number of factors, these include location, experience, education, and field.


Those nurses working in urban and suburban areas, as a general trend make fewer wages as compared to those working in metropolitan areas.

Another element of location is that health care, like all other businesses, is a consumer-based service. It has a higher demand in some places as compared to others and those places with a higher demand pay higher wages to health care professionals.

Senior citizens usually require more health care assistance and therefore, in those states where there is a higher retired population, being an LVN is more lucrative.


Those LVNs who are fresh graduates including those who have an experience of fewer than 5 years earn what is called a starting salary.

As the years of experience increase, they earn a higher wage and most nurses reach a zenith of their career after 10 to 15 years of work.


Being an LVN can be accomplished either by a diploma or a bachelor’s degree, but the difference in salaries earned is there.

An LVN with a diploma would normally earn less than an LVN with a bachelor’s degree with equal experience.


The field that an LVN specializes in greatly affects their salaries. Those LVNs working in Research departments make the highest average salary of $58,000 annually which is accumulated through $28.12 per hour.

Furthermore, those LVNs working in Corrections make an average salary of $50,000 per year. Family care nurses come next in list making an average salary of $45,000 annually.

Lastly, those LVNs working in Home health and outpatient clinics make a slightly lesser salary of $39,000 annually. This broken down to an hourly wage of about $18.95.

Education Requirements for Becoming an LVN

To become an LVN, one has to take an exam by the government for certification and this requires at least a diploma or an associate degree.

  1. In order to be qualified for the exam, one needs to be enrolled in a state-approved program for vocational nurses in a community college.
  2. A certification or a diploma is a basic requirement to be a certified LVN.
  3. Don’t Require a Bachelor Degree to Become LVN
  4. Bachelor or Master degree will lead you towards NP or Registered Nurse

Courses offered in vocational nursing programs normally include anatomy, physiology, pediatrics, obstetrics, medical-surgical nursing, first aid, nutrition, and pharmacology.

However, once certification has been earned, states may require LVNs to continue educational credits in order to maintain their license.

Highest Paying state in the US for LVN

As said earlier, LVNs working in metropolitan states make a higher wage as compared to those working in urban and suburban areas.

Those LVNs working in San Francisco make the highest annual wage of about $66,000. After this, the second highest paid LVNs are located in Sacramento who makes an average salary of $60,000 per year.

  1. Furthermore, those vocational nurses working in San Diego, Los Angeles and Irvine make an average salary of $55,000 annually.

LVNs working in Los Antonio and Houston make a lower salary of about $50,000 per year.

LVN Salary in California

The Average salary in California for LVN is $57,170. This figure is the highest for LVN relates to national level salary. California is the Top state of USA, so Nursing career is flourishing. Houston, Dallas is the top city. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Keck Hospital of the University of Southern California is the top paying hospitals.


LVN Salary in Texas

Just like California, Texas is the 2nd state in the US full of opportunities to LVN. Average LVN can make around $50,000 annually. In some state or private hospitals, this figure goes above to $65,000.


Top Paying Cities to LVN

Here is some cities list of top paying to LVN in 2018. If you think your city isn’t there, then contact us for more information about your nearest job center.

Top City Annually Salary Hourly Salary

San Francisco


















Los Angeles





























Top Paying Hospitals and Health Care Center to LVN

Here are some top lists of health care center and hospitals for LVN highest paying salary. We arrange some Top Lists in random medication unit.

  1. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn
  2. Cleveland Clinic
  3. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore
  4. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
  5. University of Michigan Hospitals-Michigan Medicine, Ann Arbor
  6. UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco

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Career Outlook of LVN

As I mentioned above 22% job aspect in 2014, Job opportunity for LVN or LPN is very high in the various States in the USA. Cities like Denver, San Francisco, NYC, Chicago, and Seattle.

  1. Military nursing
  2. Traveling Nursing
  3. Physician’s office
  4. Hospitals

For more information about Career information and job placement for LVN, Comment us or direct Email us. Many Students after becoming LVN, try LPN-to-RN or LPN-to-BSN for a more flourishing career. Your salary after becoming RN is reaching $84,000 in the various states in the USA.


More information on LVN Salary and career nearby you, just ask Us. We guide you about Job and education (Programs) of LVN.


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