What US State Has Highest RN Salary?

After completion nurse degree in Bachelor or Rn to BSN, students want some general stats about salary? Which states can give me most? In this article, we show some general facts according to employment rate, Salary regarding field and US state.

There are many states like “Florida, Texas, Ohio, NY” paid to registered nurse handsome salary, but one state remarkably good.

RN Salary in California 2018

California stands no 1 position regarding high paying US state. Mostly nurses already know that fact, but the questions are. Which city of California has the highest RN salary? Which Hospitals gives the good amount? Finally, Which Field of RN get most of the salary?

RN Type Per Hour Salary Per Year
Nurse Anesthetist $52 to $62 $142,000
Nurse Researcher $42 to $47 $98,000
Nurse Midwife $37 to $43 $88,000
Orthopedic Nurse $34 to $38 $83,000

RN salary in LOS Angeles

In California, Los Angeles clinics, private to GOV hospitals gives RN high salary. Some hospitals can give you More than $71/Hour.

High Paid Hospital Nurse Type
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center RN
Keck Hospitals RN
Good Samaritan Hospital RN

RN Salary in San Diego

After LOS Angeles, San Diego is the 2nd highest paid to RN.

What is 2 year nursing degree salary in US?

First of all, understanding the 2-year degree program. You can also say that, entry-level Nursing job and salary.  Can you become RN in 2-year degree programs? What salary I can get after completion of 2-year programs?

  1. 2 Year Hospital Base training (Diploma)
  2. Associate Degree of Nursing (2 Year)
  3. Licensed Practical Nurse (1 year)

These are one level down of Bachelor or 2 level down in MSN.  Question is what 2-year degree can give me the highest salary? After taking exam simple license nurse to become RN.

Some hospitals in California can give you $32 per hour on average, but an overall salary of the 2-year degree in Us is $27.

Type Year Salary Per Hour Salary
Outpatient Care Nurse $66,120 $25
Personal Care Nurse $64,340 $24
Physician’s Office Nurse $61,000 $23
Nursing Care Facility Nurse $61,120 $22

The state like Ohio, Maryland, Minnesota, Oklahoma has the high percentage of requiring 2-year degree type nurse.

Personal Care nurse demand is very high regarding others.

Can physician assistants write prescriptions?

Before comes to the main point, make sure you completely understand about the duties of Physician Assistant. There are many people misconceptions about PA. What Does PA Do? Is PA eligible to write Medical prescription?

In some state like NYC, Washington DC, Texas, PA doesn’t prescribe medicine to any patient, but in majority state it does. They have full authority regarding prescribing to patent about particular kind of disease and rehabilitate prior to surgery.

What physician assistants Can’t Prescribe?

In some matter or typical disease nature, like AIDS, Cancer, they can’t prescribe Narcotics or Alcohol to any patent without notice to doctor. That case DEA registration number is very essential.

64% of physician assistants work under surgical, others perform different duties. Almost every Physician work under doctor license.

How much do LPN make an hour?

Nowadays LPN Demand is increasing other than LVN, RN, and Practitioner. You can become LPN in just in a year after completing the associate degree. In this FAQ, I will only discuss Salary regarding PER hour in the different state of US. In one-year academy program, you will learn about Nursing, Biology, and Pharmacology.

In many states per hour, the salary of LPN is $35 like California, Florida, Texas. Although as an LPN you can’t compete for another profession like RN, Nurse Practitioner, who per hour salary is above $75 in some state in the US.

LPN PER Hour Salary By State

Make sure after completing LPN certification, you must pass (NCLEX-PN) exam for getting LPN license and meet state licensing criteria. Here below I will mention some Top to Lowest State, offering Per hour salary to LPN.

LPN Salary New Mexico

In New Mexico your average Per hour salary range between $21 to $25. IN some New Mexico City like Albuquerque, Santa FE, LAS CRUCES, and Roswell your hourly salary is $23.

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LPN Salary Florida

Top state in the US, where Almost all type of nurse can make a good salary. Including LVN, LPN and RN make remarkably good. In a recent survey of Florida top healthcare center, LPN can make around $27 per hour. This figure is higher in Miami, Orlando, Tempa, and Jacksonville.

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With high growth in the nursing field, IN INDIANA you can earn as an LPN around $25 per hour. According to the average salary $$56,000, the range of per hour salary increase or decrease in Indiana top cities like INDIANAPOLIS, Carmel, Fort Wayne, Fishers and Bloomington.

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In OHIO, some Nurse type like Nurse anesthetic can make a high salary, on the other hand, those LPN who assist this type of nurse practitioner can also make handsome per hour salary. On Average LPN can make around $26 in OHIO.

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Almost 718,000 LPN already work here in Alabama, so due to the competition, you can’t aspect a higher salary in this state. $21 to $23 is average hourly salary but in most cities in Alabama like Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Mobile you can aspect $2 in an average salary of Per hour.

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LPN Salary California

No 1 state relates to getting the most money in the healthcare department. Even as an LPN you can aspect $35 in California. Los Angeles, San Fransisco, San Diego, and San Jose is the top paying cities in California. Job growth is very high in this state, almost 7,000 plus job opening in recent years till 2024.

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You can make around $23,000 to $45,000 per year, so likewise your Per hour salary as an LPN in Virginia is around $21.

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New York

In some NY State like Buffalo top Hospitals, LPN can make around $40 per hour. You must have at least 10 years of experience in getting this salary. Rochester, Yonkers, Albany, and Utica is the other highest salary cities in NYC.

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LPN makes around $24 in Texas, more opportunity in this state like California and NYC. No of healthcare center, rehabilitation and child specialist center where the demand of nurse assistant (LPN) increasing day by day.

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