Every Master student wants to know that answer, what can I do with a master degree? A nurse educator is a professional who takes up an academic profession of teaching medical students. Many students would like to inquire salary per year or per Hour in the different state of US. Fully bright career required Master to doctorate level for a well-reputed job as a counselor or teacher.

Let’s talk about some career aspect in this field with the highest pay state in the US.

Minimum Requirement to Become Nurse Educator

Most educators are nurse practitioners, this means that they have a minimum educational level of a master’s degree.

NE basically work in nursing schools with universities or community colleges and teach a range of students who are either pursuing a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree. This isn’t an easy task, for training associated or bachelor level student you must require extensive field related experience.

How does a Nurse Educator Salary Compare?

This, like nursing, can be a monetarily rewarding career and with the right kind of experience and education, this can be made into a very lucrative career.

Nursing Career Median Annual Salary*
Nursing Instructors $75,130 to $94,000
Post-secondary Health Specialties Teacher $106,910 to $112,556
Nurse Practitioner $107,460

Master of Science Nursing Salary per Year

The average salary of a Nurse Educator who has a Master of Science degree is about $94,000 to $120,000 in the US.

This figure is highly tentative and can go up or down depending on factors such as gender of the professional, work experience, educational record and most importantly on the location of working.



Nurse educators working in the Washington University make an average of $45,000 annually (which is among the lowest).

New York

On the other hand, nurse educators working in New York earn a median of $90,000, i.e., a salary between $83,000 and $102,000.


The nurse educators at the University of Phoenix earn an average of $104,000 annually which is among the highest.

Gender discrimination is a predominant factor in the salaries of nurse educators. Female nurses who have an MSN degree earn a salary that falls between $49,300 and $87,500. This depends on seniority and the work area.

Male Nurse Educator Salary with MSN

However, the salaries of male nurse educators in the US falls between $52,000 and $103,000 annually.

Salary also largely depends on the job description. For example, nurse educators earn more than nurse instructors. Whereas Chief Nursing Officers earn more than nurse educators as well.

With compare to others occupations, this one quite easy and flexible. You can’t take the risk with other fields like anesthetic and surgical.  As rank going to upward, salary ranges increases. For some states like NY and California, you can earn much better, as compared to other states.


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