In the United States, a Registered nurse makes an average of $67,000 per year which is accumulated by $32.66 per hour.  But questions are where is the high demand in this occupation of US? Is Florida being the best state or Texas?

  1. New Mexico
  2. Florida
  3. Indiana

However, this salary can be affected by numerous factors combined. For example, registered nurses who work in metropolitan or industrial areas make more money than those who work in urban or non-industrial areas.

States US Cities US Per Hour Salary
Florida Miami $34,67
California Los Angeles $32.78
New York Manhattan $35.67
Texas Houston $28.45
Alabama Montgomery $27.78


Education Requirements for becoming Registered Nurse

Moreover, educational qualifications and work experience largely affect the amount of money a registered nurse makes. You must at-least bachelor degree to become midwives, cardiology, aesthetics, and others.

Monthly Salary Stats of Registered Nurse

The average monthly salary that a registered nurse makes in the US according to the US Bureau of labor statistics is $5,600 and the average weekly $1302.

As said above, location largely matters when it comes to the wages per hour and none other than the industrially rich state of California is the highest paying for registered nurses.

Registered Nurse Annually Salary

An RN makes an average of $94,000 annually in the state of California, which is about $45 per hour.

Even inside, California, the industrial/metropolitan area of San Jose pays the highest to registered nurses, about $122,000 per year, which is $59 per hour.

Registered Nurse Salary per Hour

Top Industries for job Outlook

Some non-industrial areas also pay very lucrative salaries to registered nurses, such as the Mother Lode in California, which pays an average $91,000 annually, this is roughly $44 per hour.

In all of the US, there are approximately 2,633,980 registered nurses and the median salary of $67,000 (at the rate of $32.66) is the average approximated from this figure.

This includes registered nurses who have either a bachelor’s degree, an associate degree or simply some certification.

This creates a difference between the job descriptions of different registered nurses.

Job Description of Registered Nurses

A registered nurse may or may not perform the independent practice. This varies from one state to another.

Therefore, a much higher income can be expected if the registered nurse working in a state where the independent practice is allowed.

Moreover, a registered nurse inside a hospital assists doctors and nurse practitioners. They perform procedures and minor treatments. They assist in surgeries and also assist in diagnosis and treatment. Registered nurses may or may not be able to prescribe medication.

This depends on the state laws. Registered nurses collaborate with doctors and physicians from multiple departments.

This adds diversity to their work and makes it a more exciting career for many. These nurses can also choose to specialize in one field and then work in that specific department.

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