Before we can jump on to the salary of a clinical nurse leader, it is essential to realize what exactly the work of this medical expert is and whether the salary pays off for such individuals. Rules and regulation define by AACN, standards, how to counsel. In this article, we discuss salary of clinical nurse basis of US states, highest paying state, starting and average salary. NurseSalary will guide you about the latest information and trend of salary in different states of the US.

20% of the clinical nurse leader can easily earn around $120,000 annually

A clinical nurse leader is basically a nurse who has specialized in his or her field, so much, to the point that they now take the role of a leader in that field. These nurses are highly experienced. It is usually the experience which gets these nurses where they are as experience has a higher professional weight as compared to education.

  1. Evidence-based research experience required to become
  2. Lead another nurse in critical condition
  3. Educator nurse in different technology and latest trend
  4. Mostly clinical nurse gets Adult/Gerontology specialization after MSN degree

Although these nurses are highly educated as well, experience usually counts more. These nurses assume the platform of educators, advocators for the medical facility and the patients and they train staff in a hospital as well.


The reason we need these nurses is that unless a nursing staff (which is less experienced) has some sort of supervision, there is a high chance of accidents and errors. These errors can lead to causalities and deaths and therefore, the supervision of a highly qualified medical professional at all times is crucial to the healthy functioning of a hospital.

Clinical nurse leaders usually work in a number of different environments ranging from classrooms and lectures halls to hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities.

Those nurses who work in hospitals and places with a larger flux of medical activity make higher wages as compared to those that work in less busy facilities.

Starting Salary of Clinical Nurse

In starting various clinics, and hospitals give you a good salary because you have already experienced.

The national average salary of a clinical nurse leader is $84,000 and this is much higher than that of registered nurses given that these nurses are also registered, nurses.

The average salary of an RN is roughly $64,000 but clinical nurse leaders earn about 20% more than them for the very reason that is much more experienced than most nurses. Furthermore, they also earn higher wages mainly because of the difference in the kind of work they do.

The added job responsibilities are compensated for these nurses in the form of a salary which is higher than a regular registered nurse who is only accountable for their own niche.

Geographical Salary Difference

As a general trend, those clinical nurse leaders who work in metropolitan areas make much higher wages compared to those that work in suburban areas.

Clinical Nurse Leader Salary by Experience

Clinical nurse leaders enter their profession not as regular registered nurses but with an aim to work in their field as specialized professionals.

The entry level salary of a nurse who has worked for 5 years or less is roughly $65,000 annually whereas those with 5 to 10 years of experience can average around $75,000 annually.

The salary stays more or less the same for up till 20 years of experience, it can up to around $78,000. Those nurses who are highly experienced clinical nurse leaders can make $84,000 or more.

Salary Future Prospects

Clinical nurse leaders can expect to grow at a rate of 20% until 2022 at least because it is a fairly new field.

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