The question is one that has received a lot of recent attention mainly because nursing is a highly lucrative field and it is entirely uneven to say that it is only meant for women.

Nursing has always been regarded as a career stereotypically for women and one’s perception of nurses is normally comprising of a lady wearing a face mask and a lab coat. For more information about Men nurses, you should follow nursing association NSNA, and AAMN

In a number of citations throughout the world, there is a high debate on the topic of nursing being a woman only field but at the same time scores of intellectual males have also taken the field and been successful in it. Many Male nurses start their career as a PRN Nurse.

While there really isn’t much question as to whether men can be nurses or not because men are already in the field, the next important question is whether men can be comfortable in the field.


Can Male Nurses Perform Confidently?

The answer to this question is also in the same lines as that of the previous question, absolutely! Male nurses are highly competent in their field.

Although nursing is considered to be a women dominant field, male nurses are equally effective in their roles and can function with great confidence.

However, there is already an overwhelming amount of men that work in the field. According to CENSUS male portion in the nursing field is increasing.

Since 1970, the ratio of male nurses in the field has largely gone up. There were only about 2.7% male registered nurses in the field back then but today there are about 9.6% males in the nursing workforce throughout the US. The proportion has gone up by around 3 times in 40 years.

The number of nurse practitioners has also doubled from 3.9% to 8.1% from 1970. Here are a few reasons why men can consider nursing.

Stereotyping in Only Psychological

As of today, patients don’t care about what gender the nurse treating them is and this shows throughout the healthcare system in the US. Gender bias is strongly opposed in workplaces, practically all over the world. And this is also evident from the fact that male nurses never think about their field in terms of being inferior to women because they really aren’t.

General Perception is Developed About Healthcare, Not Your Field

Most patients, families, and friends consider nurses around them to be equivalent to doctors and this makes a huge difference.

Doctors are men and women in a competitive ratio and nurses fall in the same bill in most general perceptions.

Does Patient Preference Matter

Since patients are getting a service from a healthcare center, their preference is highly regarded for but there are times and male nurses take some roles over others and this saves most of the trouble.

C-sections, live births and gynecology are usually female dominant fields in which patients can have preferences for the right reasons but in most other field, the gender bias is almost non-existent.

Some professional male nurses live by the saying that they have studied to be nurses and not specifically male nurses.

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