A BSN nurse in one who has a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. These nurses, after completing their bachelor’s degree (which usually lasts 3 to 4 years), take a test for registered nursing from the state.  According to general stats and BLS $67,690 to $74,000 salary relates to Per hour $31 to $36 get RN not the only US but all over the world.

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Nursing is a prominent profession in the healthcare industry that can be highly rewarding and allows nurses to build very lucrative salaries for themselves.

With rock solid job, high potential, positive chances of getting high scale within years, RN is the most reliable and trusted occupation of Nursing.

What is the average salary of a nurse with a BSN degree?

The average salary of a BSN registered nurse in the US is roughly $70,000 annually and there is an expected increase in the career by about 3.7% (as an average for all fields) in comparison to the career growth from last year.

Most of the nurses earn between $48,800 and $107,000 although this figure subject to increment and decrement depending on a few factors.

Salaries of nurses largely depend on a number of factors. The most important is education. A bachelor’s degree is one path that leads into a monetarily rewarding career, not immediately but slowly.

Work experience is also a predominant factor because more experience in a certain field yields more seniority and hence better salaries.


Geographical factors are also what defines a salary for a working professional. For example, nurses make more money in the Los Angeles in California than they would in Texas, Houston.

$103,700 to $112,700 a BSN specialist can earn over there. One of the highly paid states in the US regarding nursing or others occupation.

Urban and metropolitan areas pay differently to nurses and this geographical difference largely affects the salaries of nurses.

Types of Nursing Per Hour Average Salary
AND Salary California $67 to $78 $ 121,556
FN Salary California $51 to $62 $ 113,000
BSN California $52 to $65 $ 108,556
ICU Nurse $63 to $71 $ 117,000
Dermatology Nurse $54 to $65 $ 124,345


Nurse Anesthetist getting highest salary Per hour $34.45 and $83,887 per year in Florida state, that’s ok. Below then nurse practitioner and licensed BSN can remarkable good.

Neonatal is the 2nd top occupation in Florida, that’s per hour salary around 33.56


In INDIANA BSN makes around $62,371 per year with $29 per hour. Starting a career is quite good with lots of opportunity in different fields.

Surgical and dermatology nurses rank high in this state.


Rather than below standard level salary for BSN regarding California and Florida with 25.45 to 28.45, average, and top-level profession Nurse Anesthetist can only make $54,000 year.

But the demand of BSN is very high, although some private hospitals can give you handsome per hour salary.

New Mexico

BSN and specialized in surgical or neonatal can make handsome Per hour salary in New Mexico.

BSN Salary $68,270 per year
Hourly Salary $31.20
No of Jobs (2017) 2250


In Alabama, where the paid level little bit high than other, BSN can make per year around $67,950 with Per hour $29.

On the other side registered can make $ $47,950

Another important factor is the field that nurses specialize in. Nurses who specialize in psychiatric and mental health are the highest paid nurses and this is a relative term because this field pays relatively more than other fields.

The average BSN nursing pay scale in the U.S

But nursing, in general, pays really well.

The average salary of a BSN nurse in the state of California that pays the highest to its nurses is about $102,000 annually.

Hawaii also pays well, being among the highest paying states to its nurses. BSN nurses earn an average of $96,000 annually.

Depending on seniority and the work environment, the highest paid nurses in California earn about $125,000 annually whereas those in Hawaii earn about $117,300.

On the intermediate, nurses in Nevada and Connecticut earn close $80,000 – $82,000 annually.

On the contrary, areas like South Dakota are where nurses earn the lowest salaries. The average salary of a BSN nurse in South Dakota is about $57,800.

Iowa is the least paying state for registered nurses where they earn a median wage of $65,000.

Types of BSN Salary PER Hour

Questions are which type of BSN can get highest per hour salary and where? So here are bellows some types of nursing with an average salary figure according to BLS.

With 4-year degree including a subject’s in nursing, physiology, anatomy, nutrition, can get good status in the career.

Oncology Registered Nurse

Two option you have to become ONCOLOGY Nurse, either you get an Associate degree (Two Year) or BSN degree (4 years). After the degree, you must get licensed NCLEX.  After Authentication through AACN, CCNE you will become ONCOLOGY.

I recommend you BSN, for highest paid, although the associated degree will lead towards this profession, but the end result with the lowest salary.

Per hours Salary: $34 to $42

Anesthetic Care Unit (BSN)

Fairly self-evident study of nursing, BSN degree will lead you towards this career. One of the high payback careers, as you can see per hour salary in California.

Although master programs required to become this one.

Per hour Salary: $57 to $67

Neonatal Nurse (BSN)

Another great scope after BSN degree (Minimum Required). The maximum you can be getting the Master degree in nursing for this.

3 level of Neonatal nurse leads you towards ranking level, that further define your per hour salary.

Per hour Salary: $32 to $37

Surgical Nurse (BSN)

Minimum required BSN degree for becoming the Surgical nurse. IF you want a high salary then you must complete master and then Ph.D. degree after BSN.

You can also become a military or missionary nurse with the same specialization.

Per hour Salary: $27 to $31

Dermatology Nurse (BSN)

Some states can appoint you just after associate or BSN degree, but MSN required to get a good one. BSN to MSN certification will boost your career in Dermatology and per hour Salary also.

Per hour Salary: $28 to $34



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