Clinical Nurse Leader Salary Guide

Before we can jump on to the salary of a clinical nurse leader, it is essential to realize what exactly the work of this medical expert is and whether the salary pays off for such individuals. Rules and regulation define by AACN, standards, how to counsel. In this article, we discuss salary of clinical nurse […]

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Can Men Be Nurses? Do Male Nurses Earn More?

The question is one that has received a lot of recent attention mainly because nursing is a highly lucrative field and it is entirely uneven to say that it is only meant for women. Nursing has always been regarded as a career stereotypically for women and one’s perception of nurses is normally comprising of a […]

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What is a PRN?

Looking for detail about PRN Nurse? Some collective information from official sites about PRN Job position, Salary and work description. Some other Nurses call part-time nursing job, Some LVN or LPN nurse or even RN find PRN jobs nearby their home so that they can make some extra amount. PRN receive no monthly salary but […]

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Physician Assistant VS Nurse Practitioner

Health care has now become an increasingly vast profession that has lately been divided into so many diverse fields that it can often become difficult for aspirants to settle on one field. The nursing field isn’t tinny box, as you think. Nursing has many branches and of this is Therapist. So here we will understand […]

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Best Nurse Hospitals in US

On General survey shows that, more than 58,00 medical centers and another sub center local wide in US States. The question is which is the most nurse friendly and highest paid hospital near you. Mostly nurse wants to go to Cleveland Clinic, which ranked 3 in nationwide, whereas Johns Hopkins Hospital, that is ranked no […]

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Salary for Nurse Educator With MSN

Every Master student wants to know that answer, what can I do with a master degree? A nurse educator is a professional who takes up an academic profession of teaching medical students. Many students would like to inquire salary per year or per Hour in the different state of US. Fully bright career required Master […]

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BSN Nurse Salary

A BSN nurse in one who has a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. These nurses, after completing their bachelor’s degree (which usually lasts 3 to 4 years), take a test for registered nursing from the state.  According to general stats and BLS $67,690 to $74,000 salary relates to Per hour $31 to $36 get […]

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Registered Nurses Make Per Hour in the US?

In the United States, a Registered nurse makes an average of $67,000 per year which is accumulated by $32.66 per hour.  But questions are where is the high demand in this occupation of US? Is Florida being the best state or Texas? New Mexico Florida Indiana However, this salary can be affected by numerous factors […]

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